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  By Jason Herbert I’m fortunate enough to live near one of the best ice cream places in all the land. Equally fortunate, they give me their old food-grade 5 gallon buckets. Each bucket comes with a lid, and I can’t get enough of these things for several reasons. I use these 5 gallon buckets […]

  This fall we covered the important topic of surviving in your vehicle during a winter emergency, but what are you to do if there is no vehicle to be had for shelter? Cold weather excursions into the wilderness can offer a glimpses of winter beauty and a sense of calm not found in other […]

  It is easy to feel safe when you face winter weather in your vehicle. The heater is running and the wipers and defrost keep the windows clear. Should something happen, your phone is in the console so you can call roadside assistance. However what happens if you phone doesn’t get service and you get […]

  By Guy J. Sagi Experienced outdoorsmen know backups can save lives. Lighters go bad and matches get wet, so somewhere in their kit extras are stored separately in a waterproof container. The same is usually true for flashlights, which can have their batteries die or lightbulb/LED go out. But, what about the device they […]

  By Guy J. Sagi Sensationalistic websites and publications routinely issue doomsday predictions, building dramatic scenarios where the earth’s only survivors spend their last days in hazmat suits carrying M4s. They may be right, but before you invest your life savings and keep a gas mask under your bed, there are a lot more, very […]

  The survival food market is dominated by freeze-dried foods today, and with advantages like a 25 year shelf life (depending on the food) and low cost, it’s not hard to see why. However, freeze-dried food does have some drawbacks. Many brands require the addition of water to serve them, and you can only carry […]

  Fire has always been one of our greatest survival assets, and even today, getting a fire started can still mean life or death in some situations. As vital as fire is, getting one started can still be fairly difficult depending on the conditions. Fortunately, there are a myriad of ways to get a fire […]

  Survival doesn’t just take place in the middle of nowhere. For the majority of Americans, survival situations will occur in a different, but nonetheless challenging environment: the urban sprawl. Survival in the wilderness poses many challenges, but unless you’re injured, there is opportunity to move around, gathering food and resources, etc. Survival in urban […]

  The news this summer is that we’re on track for the hottest summer on record. Chances are you’re already well aware of that fact as a few 100 degree days have already hit depending on where you live. Extreme and stifling heat can have an adverse effect on your outdoor activities, but you don’t […]

  By David Link Nothing is quite like getting far off the grid, and it’s something that not enough people do, commonly out of fear of the uncertain or concern that they will get lost. Even if you don’t live near a large wilderness area, you can plan a trip or a long day hike […]