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  By David Link Kestrel is a leading designer of portable weather meters and data loggers, and their devices can be applied to a staggering number of scenarios and uses. From agriculture and fire prevention to ballistics and hiking / camping, Kestrel meters can do a lot for professionals and hobbyists of all kinds. The […]

  By Pete Rogers For over twenty years during the early season of our deer season, I would hunt for deer coated in Deet. Scent control was out of the question. In order to stay in the woods during the dog days of August and September when our archery season opens, you have to deal […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams While the Greatest Show on Earth, the Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Circus was announcing its’ demise and permanent closure, another show was coming to an end: the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Trade Show. As fans around the world were heart struck with the news of the closing of the Ringling […]

  By Robin Follette If you have weekend campers on your gift list this year, you’re in luck. They’re some of the easiest people to choose gifts for, and it’s likely your gift will be used more often than weekend camping trips. Here are ten gifts for weekend campers…and a bonus. 1. Alps Mountaineering Meramax […]

  By David Link As an avid hiker myself, I picked out some gifts that will work great for both the casual and serious hiker in your life. From outdoor tools to accessories that don’t require exact sizing to buy, there’s something here for everyone. Remember, we have access to such a large amount of […]

  By Guy J. Sagi Experienced outdoorsmen know backups can save lives. Lighters go bad and matches get wet, so somewhere in their kit extras are stored separately in a waterproof container. The same is usually true for flashlights, which can have their batteries die or lightbulb/LED go out. But, what about the device they […]

  We all have that friend that holds a significant social distinction from the rest of their peers. They’ve earned it by storing, hauling and permitting a bulky and consistently expensive watercraft they only use a few weekends or days a year. Yet their effort does not go unrewarded. They do it for the chance […]

  Father’s Day is almost here, and every year there is plenty of opportunity to get outdoors and spend some quality time with dad. Weekends spent casting fishing rods at the banks of a pond, plinking targets at the rifle range, or hiking a scenic stretch of woods can result in memories that last a […]

  By Jason Herbert “WACK!” As the fat 8-point stumbled away into the swamp, a silent smile came across my face. My second lethal arrow of the evening had found it’s mark. The day was October 18th, 2015 and I had accomplished something I’ve always dreamed about, two deer in one night with my bow. […]

  The monotony of winter has broken at last, and you’re itching to get out into the country, breathe fresh air, and catch some fish. Whether a wild running river or a secluded farm pond is your chosen escape, you need a reliable fishing gear kit to catch those trophy fish you’ve been dreaming about […]