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  By David Link It is that time of the year, and whitetail hunters everywhere are gearing up for fall. We recently featured a piece about selecting hunting clothes for women, and not to be overlooked, youth hunters face their own challenges when trying to find the right hunting clothing as well. Many years ago, […]

  By Robin Follette A lot has changed when it comes to selecting hunting clothes for women. We typically had to fit into men’s clothing. Our hourglass figures meant shirts and jackets might be tight in the chest but baggy in the waist when we put on the straight-cut clothes made for men. With our […]

  By David Link Swarming bugs, itchy bites, pesky rashes, and sore sunburns…ah the great outdoors! The places so many love aren’t always as inviting as they could be, but no matter, we still go there anyway without hesitation. From the growth of the camping culture in the early 1900s to the high-tech outdoor gear […]

  By David Link Pairing the right camouflage pattern with your chosen hunting activity or environment can be a key element to your success. While some game can be fooled with basic camo patterns, other animals will be able to pick you out if your camo is grossly different than that of your environment. Some hunters […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams I remember my very first bow set-up. I walked into Archery Unlimited in Prattville, Alabama, as the owner Rick Hellums, approached me asking if there was anything he could help me with. This first impression was very good, after my experience of being looked at as if I were an […]

  By Robin Follette The first hunt of the year is often turkey season. We’ve waited all winter, scouted, watched the wild turkeys in big rafters as they started to strut, and then we watched them break up into small groups and disappear. After all the time put into filling our turkey tags, it’s nice […]

  By David Link Unfortunately not all of us were introduced to the outdoors by our parents, relatives or friends. But the good news is there is always room for more outdoorsmen or women in this great nation of ours. For those who don’t know where to start, we’ve put together this guide to gearing […]

  By David Link The choice of hunting clothing is just as important as that of your rifle or scope. While inferior hunting clothing can ruin your hunt or cut it short, superior hunting clothing can give you an edge and keep you comfortable in the field until that trophy buck or other game shows […]

  By Robin Follette Creating, maintaining and improving habitat for hunting will help small game move into an area and not only survive but thrive. It’s a good use of time in the off season, and creating habitat doesn’t have to be expensive or too time consuming. As urban sprawl increases creating habitat for small […]

  By Jason Herbert When I turkey hunt, I like to go out until I have a bird or it’s dark, whichever happens first. I remember a hunt a while back where I’m glad I had a plan in place. Driving to the new farm reset my patience. I had been out in the woods […]