September 22, 2019

Soccer Goals by Open Goaaal


If you thought soccer practice only happens at the field, Open Goaaal completely changes the game. 

Soccer is great for amateur athletes due to its extremely easy requirements. If you want to practice soccer skills, all you need is a couple cones, a couple trees, or even a solid wall to practice the fundamentals.

When you’re eager for some soccer training, you can have one with just some space and an opening (let’s say between two trees) to pass the ball through. And if that variant is too primitive for you, there are many soccer goals for sale to help you set up training anywhere.


A Soccer Goal For Every Athlete

The Open Goaaal is a soccer training goal, a rebounder and a backstop, all in one. Naturally the goal is the most important part. You aim for it to practice your shots or you practice defense in the role of goalie. The backstop/rebounder net rebounds (obviously) your bad shots so you don’t spend half your training time retrieving the ball.

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The Open Goaaal is designed for easy setup almost anywhere. The inner white goal hangs from a bungee cord suspended between two steel poles that is pegged to the ground. The cord and the pegs secure the goal in all directions, holding it in place. The durable steel poles are inserted into the ground and are held upright with guy ropes.


Why You Need The Open Goaaal

As you practice and improve your skill, you’ll miss often. Of course, it’s possible to score easily from up close, but the point of training is to get out to a decent distance and challenge yourself. If you were training with a normal goa, each time you miss you must go and retrieve the ball. It’s all fun and games when there’s a wall right behind the goal. But what if there’s a plain field? A road? A French window? Your neighbor’s garden? That’s when you spend half the time chasing the ball instead of playing.

The Open Goaaal’s solution is the rebounder/backstop net that comes with the Open Goal. The soccer goal itself and the rebounder are integral parts of each other. The shot that misses the goal hits the backstop making sure the ball doesn’t go any further.

Save Space

It’s often a pain in the neck to find suitable space for soccer practice in an average backyard. Finding enough space for the goal itself is only the beginning of your troubles. There must be enough even ground to run and pass the ball mimicking the match to come.

Once you’ve installed the Open Goaaal, space requirements are less of a problem. You can leave only the steel poles in place and bring out the goal and the rebounder net when it’s time to play soccer.

By the way, you can move the rebounder net aside like a curtain or raise it. Although the net is so thin it’s almost invisible when installed, this feature comes in handy when you want to mow the lawn or to have a completely unobscured view.


Find The Size To Fit Your Needs

Open Goaaal comes in 3 sizes:

  • Junior: 4.5’ by 8’ Soccer Goal, 8’ by 16’ Backstop/Rebounder.
  • Standard: 5’ by 9’ Soccer Goal, 10’ by 21’ Backstop/Rebounder.
  • Large: 7’ by 16’ Soccer Goal, 10’ by 29’ Backstop/Rebounder.

The rebounder net is also adjustable in width. Coupled with the three sizes offered, the Open Goaaal design makes sure you’ll find a way to fit a soccer goal in your backyard.

Final Thoughts on the Open Goaaal

  • Open Goaaal is a soccer goal, a backstop and a rebounder net, all in one.
  • Three sizes to choose from, plus adjustable backstop width to fit any amount of space.
  • Push the Open Goaaal’s backstop to the side like a curtain for unobscured view, lift it to mow the lawn or remove the soccer goal and the netting to leave only the poles in place.
  • Rebounds missed shots (unless you miss really wide).
  • No more ruined gardens or bothered neighbors.
  • Make use of all the training time you have.
  • Convenient soccer training in an average backyard.
  • Get Open Goaaal right now at