The Original Muck Boot Company delivers in your search for early season hunting boots. By Nancy Jo Adams Hunters depend on their footwear for comfort and durability, but they also rely on features essential to the type of hunt and terrain they will be navigating. There are a variety of features that make up a […]

By Pete Rogers At an event recently at the Palmetto Shooting Complex in Edgefield, SC, one of my colleagues was asked to wear hearing protection prior to beginning a round of sporting clays. His response was confusing and alarming: “I never wear ear plugs and my doctor says my hearing is fine.” He said. A […]

  By Jeff Burleson For striped bass anglers navigating the slick jetty rocks along the North Atlantic to diehard duck hunters busting through ice-covered rice fields in Arkansas, wading gear is necessary equipment for the outdoor enthusiast where negotiating inundated lairs is part of the game. I recently got a chance to incorporate Korkers Devil’s […]

Extra gripping power you didn’t even know you needed. By David Link If you’re a gear junkie like me, then you probably have a lot of different gadgets and devices stored away in the closet or garage. Of course when a camping trip or other outing comes up, I pack up all the gear I […]

  By Jeff Burleson Just recently, I received the opportunity to get my hands on an inflatable, belt-style personal floatation device called the Onyx M-16 Low Profile Personal Floatation Device (PFD). This unit is rated by the U.S. Coast Guard as a Type V PFD, but it can function very well as a comfortable floatation […]

By Pete Rogers In today’s outdoor world, footwear is getting inundated with new and exciting brands. How can a simple boot become so valuable to investors and to users? Which boot should I buy? What is it about a boot that makes me want to spend my money on this one rather than that one? […]

By Pete Rogers In the world of performance apparel, the field is getting clogged with a lot of copycat manufacturers, many of which are subpar, to say the least. It seems that since this sub-genre of clothing started, more and more manufacturers are getting into the market. A little over a decade ago, Sitka Gear […]

Quarterback practice like you’ve never done it before. Aspiring athletes everywhere know that regular training is the key to success, and this includes football. The things you need for the most basic football practice sessions are a football (obviously) and something to throw it at. This can be a pain in the neck for some […]

By Tony Martins With introduction of its Black line of riflescopes last spring, Nikon Sport Optics made a bold move into the worlds of precision long-range rifle shooting and long-range hunting, as well as action-shooting for enthusiasts of modern sporting rifles based on the AR-15 and similar platforms. Satisfying the needs and desires of the […]

By Nancy Jo Adams Fall is quickly approaching, and soon hunters will be in the woods placing stands in prime locations in pursuit of this seasons’ “Hit List Bucks.” As hunters, we all have the personal responsibility of wearing safety harnesses while climbing and hunting from elevated stands, and this includes during the initial placement […]