By CoolGearSK You are looking at the great compact spotting scope from Vortex: the Diamondback 20-60×60. Vortex decided to show some love to Slovak and Czech outdoor enthusiasts and supplied me with this nice compact spotting scope with variable magnification. I am always amazed by the quality of Vortex products and their value. This […]

  A sharp knife will be among your most important assets in the field, and if you’re not obsessing over keeping your knife as sharp as possible, then frankly you’re doing something wrong. A dull knife can be very dangerous as you have to apply more force to achieve the same cut and blade penetration. […]

  By David Link Selecting the right sleeping bag can make all the difference between a restful night under the stars and a frigid (or sweltering) night of tossing and turning. While selecting a sleeping bag isn’t exactly rocket science, there are some important factors to consider including temperature rating, size and shape, insulation materials […]

  By Luke Brandenburg For hikers, hunters and general outdoorsman, getting lost in the field can be an extremely dangerous and frightening situation. To make matters worse, the chances of getting lost are much higher than most people would expect. Outdoorsman that spend a lot of time out in large expanses of sparsely-populated land will […]

  By David Link We just recently covered how to build a bug out bag in two parts, and stocking up a bug out bag for emergencies can get you thinking about wilderness survival. While your bug out bag won’t always be needed for wilderness survival, it should have all the basic gear required for […]

  By Jason Herbert Since I can remember, my family and I have taken at least one summer vacation into God’s Country- Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We love the UP for several reasons: the wildlife and scenery, new adventures and old favorites, and most of all- time together. Adventuring in the UP isn’t for everyone. There […]

  By David Link In our previous article, we outlined the most important gear to put in your bug out bag and ranked it by importance. You can read the full article here. In this article, we’ll cover the second tier of equipment that may or may not make it into your bug out bag […]

  By David Link There may come a time where you have to grab a few things and go. Natural disaster, evacuation, or yes even the unexpected breakdown of society could force you out of your home and into a place where there are few if no resources. Time may be of the essence, and […]

  By Luke Brandenburg Anyone who handles firearms knows that safety is extremely important, but have you thought about protecting your eyes? Quality shooting glasses can provide great protection from dangerous accidents and help you better handle any conditions you may face in the field. Although any shooter with common sense knows the importance of […]

  By Jason Herbert The icy water was pounding my waist, at times almost up to my chest. The things we do for our kids. If it weren’t for my insulated chest waders there’s no way this duck hunt would be possible. The late fall rain had filled the river to its carrying capacity, and […]