The 41st NWTF Expo 2017 – New Products Part 2

Continued from The 41st NWTF Expo 2017 – New Products Part 1.

By Nancy Jo Adams

JEBS Precision Choke Tubes Headhunter Turkey Choke

A lot can be said about the perfect shotgun, choke, and ammo combination but nothing truer than your success weighs on it. The single most important piece of equipment in that combination is a turkey choke. JEBS Headhunter Turkey Choke is making exceptional turkey hunters out of the average shooter every season. What the right choke can do for a shotgun can close the gap between just pure luck and skill. The staff at JEBS takes the time to match your specific gun and ammo to the type hunting you plan to do. In the past, many turkey hunters just went to the sporting goods store and picked out the tightest choke they could find for their model shotgun. Not knowing that too tight a choke for the ammo they were using can just as easily deform the shot and spread the pattern downrange.

JEBS took the science of the shot, designed a patented three stage interior bore pattern that allows the wad to pull away from the shot without pushing the shot with the wads deformity in varying directions. This design allowed JEBS to market a choke that is not only the ideal turkey choke but in turn made an exceptional longer distance choke with a tighter shot pattern resulting from the truer flight pattern. JEBS chokes are machined from the highest quality 17-4 stainless available, heat treated to a 44 Rockwell hardness to be able to handle the hardest tungsten ammo available. State of the art CNC machines finishes out the product design incorporating the patented interior bore design. The finished product combined with the right ammo results in 90% pellet pattern within a 20” circle at 40 yards offering a dense pattern within a 10” circle. The JEBS Precision Chokes Headhunter Turkey Choke is available in several popular choke styles for over thirteen brands of shotguns in four different size restrictions.


Strut-No-More Turkey Tote by Owen Game Carriers

Strut-No-More Turkey Tote by Owen Game Carriers is the perfect game carrier that is small enough that it can be easily kept in a pant pocket virtually unnoticeable. The turkey tote is designed with quality 1” polypropylene webbing and 4mm Neoprene padding lined with a soft fabric for comfort. The Neoprene allows for cushioning when worn around the wrist or carried handle style over the shoulder. Any turkey hunter that has hauled a 25 pound plus bird out of the woods, wrestling with spurs jabbing at their hand and wrist, will appreciate the comfort of the Strut-No-More turkey tote design.

The turkey tote is simple to use by placing the turkey’s legs on top of the tote, putting the big loop through the smaller loop, and then pulling the slack out of the loop that has been made around the turkey’s legs cinching the loop down tight just above the turkey’s spurs. You then place a hand through the loop and hoist the bird over your shoulder. The actual hand loop can be used around your wrist or as a handle style whichever is the most comfortable for the user. With the assistance of the loop, a turkey hunter can now easily and safely tote a turkey out of the woods without grip fatigue. The tote is available in small, medium and large and comes in maroon, hot pink, olive green, hunter orange, black, dark tan, and tan. The turkey tote is rated at a 45-pound rating and can be used for right or left-handed carry. Every turkey hunter needs to add this useful product to their turkey vest this spring. Each turkey tote has a sewn-on brand label and tag and can be quickly found in a backpack, turkey vest, or blind bag.


TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

With the ever-increasing popularity of crossbows and the fact that the same crossbow can be used by an adult or youth, I was not surprised to see several crossbow companies at the NWTF Expo. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies offers a variety of crossbows at different price ranges to fit any hunter’s budget. The Tenpoint Turbo GT offers an adjustable Fusion S stock in an ultra-compact package. The powerful 13.5-inch XLT bow assembly offers easy-to-handle maneuverability and performance.

The crossbow has a 175-pound draw weight that shoots up to 360 feet per second, offering a 107 FP KE for harvesting anything from small game to large game. The Turbo GT is available with the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanism. Topped off with TenPoint’s 3x Pro-View 2 Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch fixed dovetail, this is the perfect crossbow for the entire family.


Fox Pro Crooked Spur Series

FoxPro offers affordable calls with its Crooked Spur Series. The Crooked Spur Series offers a variety of diaphragm calls, pot calls, and box calls. The diaphragm calls are available in double and triple reed calls for a variety of rasp, high pitch, and low tones. Diaphragm calls are offered in single pack calls or in combo packs for the perfect combination to carry in the woods.

The unique design of the ergonomic dual chamber pot call’s design makes for the perfect youth or women’s call for smaller hands, yet can still be used by those with larger hands. Crooked Spur pot calls are available in slate, glass, and aluminum surfaces in both wood or composite pots. The Crooked Spur Rude Snood Crackle box call is the perfect size for stowing easily in a turkey vest, yet it creates loud raspy sounds and even soft purrs. The entire line of FoxPRO Crooked Spur calls are economically priced for the modest of turkey hunters.


Browning Camping Huntsman Chair

If you have spent any amount of time in a hunting blind, you know how important a comfortable seat is to that hunt. The new Browning Camping Huntsman Chair offers fully adjustable comfort to blind chairs. The Huntsman’s fully-adjustable powder-coated legs work well on uneven terrain while the swivel feet keeps the chair from sinking into the ground. The chair can be adjusted to any blind window height from 17.5” to 23”. The durable swivel black TechMech material seat and backrest provides for hours of comfort. The swivel seat is ideal for bow hunters.

With an 18” seat width, 14” seat depth, 37” back height, and 275-pound weight capacity, any sized hunter can comfortably use the Huntsman for any length of sit. The entire unit weighs 13 pounds. The Huntsman folds down and packs nicely with the attached Velcro straps. Every blind hunter needs a comfortable, fully-adjustable chair they can depend on for extended hunts because you just never know how long you will have to wait out that hung-up prized Tom.


Barronett Blinds Ox 5 Blind

Barronett Blinds released the Ox 5 blind just in time for turkey season. The OX 5 features silent, waterproof OxHide fabric, and a unique ultra-durable, two-layer bonded fabric. The no-shine, color-rich camouflage offers maximum concealment. The woven polyester black interior creates a concealing backdrop that will never scratch, crack, or peel off. The blind features some useful designs such as the fully adjustable window design with silent center horizontal-slide window curtains. This window configuration allows for a customizable, any-gap, panoramic viewing.

The roomy 91” x 91” footprint and five-sided design offers the hunter to hunt further back from the window to conceal movement and plenty of elbow room when hunting tandem from the blind. The 72” height makes it easy to use the horizontal window, and the two peek windows. The heavy-duty poles and all metal ball and socket hubs make the blind durable for many seasons to come. The blind finish is Backwoods camo and comes with a carry bag with backpack-style straps for easy towing.


With turkey season already under way for some of the southern states and fast approaching for others across the nation, I hope every turkey hunter can find something of interest from the items I found useful and exciting on the NWTF expo floor. Wishing each of you a fantastic season—“Hunt hard, harvest ethically and may your turkey vest be full of feathers.”

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