New Products At ATA – Part 2

By Nancy Jo Adams

Continued from: New Products At ATA – Part 1.

Sitka Gear

Sitka Gear was designed with the hunter in mind, from treestand hunters to mountain stalkers. All the disciplines of hunting have been taken into account. More importantly, the technology that has gone into the materials and designs have been well thought out and integrated into every detail. With the company’s unique and distinguishable camo pattern and the tailored fit of each piece, my attention was drawn to one of Sitka Gear’s newest items, which I have not seen in other brands: the Sitka Celsius Shacket. The quilted polyester and micro-fleece Shacket incorporates body-mapping offering Primaloft Silver Hi-Loft insulation only where a hunter needs it. The short sleeves keep the heat in at the armpit heat zones and leaves no bulk on the forearms. Ideal as a mid and late season layer. The diagonal zipper eliminates string contact and a hand muff is found in the front of the Shacket. The Shacket is designed with quiet zipper pulls and a safety harness pass through.



Vanguard has been known for their camera cases and backpacks but has now expanded their backpacks into the hunting industry. The new Pioneer line of backpacks had good reception at ATA with the fanny pack, the 1,300 cubic inch backpack and the 2,100 cubic inch backpack with features like a web back panel that stands away from the pack allowing ventilation, various pockets and straps and even a thermal lined water bottle holder on the larger pack.  More information will be available on this product as they release them for retail sale.


Speed Cinch Spinner

I found a neat cinching device to make mounting game cameras to trees quicker and easier. The Speed Cinch Spinner screws in to any tree or wood pole and is designed with numerous slits on each end so that the cord can be locked into the slit to be held in place. The rope or cord secures quickly and securely without a knot. The Spinner is sold in a pack of two units. Speed Cinch also makes a ground stake that is ideal for staking down ground blinds.



Remington has introduced a new line of scent control products that utilizes advanced enzymatic and revolutionary barrier technology designed to control odor at the source. Remington Scent Control Technologies Rem Shield System is designed to be used in steps: A) laundry care, B) personal hygiene and C) in the field. The system includes laundry detergent, hair and body wash, field wipes, and scent control spray in scent free and white oak acorn scent. The products are designed for use as a complete system for the best protection in the field.


Lakewood Products

With the growing interest in crossbows across the nation, there has been a lack of good cases for traveling that were not awkward or oversized. Worse yet, some models require you to break down the crossbow. Lakewood Products’ newest release is the perfect Drop-In Crossbow soft-sided, hard case. The convenient top loading, drop-in style is perfect in size and is so much easier to pack in a vehicle. The Drop-In Crossbow case features a loaded quiver compartment, additional room for 18 additional bolts, space for additional gear and/or accessories, a shoulder strap, heavy-duty smooth rolling built-in wheels and exterior handles. The case is approved for airline travel.


Jim Fletcher Archery

I found many release aids on the show room floor from some great companies, but I found very few new style releases until I arrived at the Jim Fletcher Archery booth and saw The Outsider thumb trigger release. The Outsider aids shooters who have a tendency to punch the trigger or panic when drawing at a target. The release has a stabilizer arm, single hook and a thumb release designed for the archer to place the index finger on the stabilizer arm, the thumb on the trigger and squeezing the stabilizer arm and trigger together resulting in a smooth release.


Ultimate Wild

Ultimate Wild introduced the Ultra-Brite SL750 at ATA, the compact version of the SL1000. The SL750 is a lightweight, ultra-bright, rechargeable LED spotlight. The easy on/off button in the pistol grip allows for balanced, convenient one-hand use. The SL750 is weather-resistant and features DPHD technology by ClearVU. This spotlight has a Cree LED 750 lumen output that has a 4-hour continuous run time. The SL750 is a rugged and powerful compact spotlight.


Anilogics Outdoors

The newest supplement and attractant on the market are products by Anilogics Outdoors. This Veterinarian formulated and approved product does more for your deer herd than the typical supplements that are already on the market. Anilogics products were designed in response to the growing epidemic of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD). Intensive studies show that up to 70% of the reason for thriving and survival of diseases is attributed to that animal or herds nutritional state at the time of that disease challenge. Anilogics incorporates Ani-Shield TX4 to improve the deer’s nutritional state, increasing the deer’s immune system in defense of diseases. The entire line of Anilogics Outdoors products supplement products, mineral products and attractants with the health of deer in mind.


Slate River Outdoor Products

With all the camera equipment, electronics, gadget and gizmos that hunters are taking to the stand these days, there is always the issue of where to hang them and how to keep them handy in the stand. Slate River Outdoor Products has several products designed to screw in or ratchet to a tree for electronics, bows, and even a ThermaCell. New to the line is the Flex Armstrong. This “Do-All” device has four pivot points where gear can be mounted, and each of the three 10” arms extends out to 34 inches and then collapses down to fewer than 11 inches. It is rated for 15 pounds. The corkscrew tip and CNC threads screws into the tree easily and an added unique pivoting anti-rotation nail to keep the mount screw from rotating when items are hung on the unit.  The unit comes with one bow/rifle hook, one camera mount and one gear hook. Additional items available are the Crossbow Holder, ThermaCell Mount, and Camera Arm. The items are customizable to various arrangements on the Flex Armstrong.


Sherpa Hunting

The Sherpa Hunting Game Carts was a unique item that I found on the show room floor. For someone who has hunted public land where motorized carts are not allowed, I can appreciate this system. The Sherpa Hunting Game Cart converts your climbing tree stand into a game cart. The system comes with two hard rubber tires and a collapsible customized axle and hinge bar that your platform and climbing seat sections slide into to make the cart. The cart can be used to haul your gear in and to haul your harvest out of the woods. The system weighs only 10 pounds and has a 250-pound capacity.



There are many different style hangers for compound bow and crossbows that screw into the tree, but that position is not always ideal for when you want to restrict movement in the stand. My BowBuddy has both a compound and crossbow adapter that attaches directly to the stand platform, and it keeps your bow in an ideal position for convenient and quick retrieval. The Hang-on Buddy Bow Hanger is compatible with both bow styles, and it can fit on a hang-on as well as some ladder stand platforms with its adaptable bracket. A thick rubber coating not only protects your bow limbs, it makes for quiet insertion and retrieval.


Black Gold

With ever-growing popularity of moveable single pin bow sights, Black Gold Premium Bowsights introduced the Ascent Verdict. The Ascent Verdict was built with the negative issues found in other moveable sights in mind. The high performance sight has a fast color changing PhotoChromatic shell, an easier to adjust Level Head sight ring, and an improved indicator needle for easy re-sighting. Its exclusive first axis adjustment keeps the sight dialed in at long ranges, and the splined vertical drive gear increases durability by 80% providing a quiet, solid feel. The housing is adaptable for a 2X and 4X lens allowing targets to be seen easier. The Ascent Verdict is designed to be used with one-piece quivers, which is not always possible with most moveable sights.


Crosman Pioneer Airbow

Last but not least, the Crosman Pioneer Airbow is new in its class and totally unlike any other on the show room floor. This new big game weapon shoots full-length arrows and full weight broadheads at a blazing speed of 450 fps, all driven by air. The seven pound, 33.5” airbow cocks and uncocks easily with two fingers. The integrated pressure regulator allows for eight consistent yardage shots powered by 3000-psi compressed air that allows for an accurate shot not affected by canting. With the Bullpup configuration, ambidextrous top cocking bolt and 6x40mm scope, the Crosman Pioneer Airbow is designed for anyone to enjoy what he or she loves about archery without the complex maintenance of crossbows.


Many of the products shared above are already available at your favorite archery pro shop, but several of the products will not be available for public retail until early-late spring. Still, the anticipation will be worth the wait for the upcoming 2016 hunting season.

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