New Products At ATA – Part 1


By Nancy Jo Adams

It is always exciting to see what is new and/or improved on the Archery Trade Association (ATA) show floor each January, and this year was no different. In addition to a record breaking number of new bow releases at this event, I found a plethora of new electronics, software and hunting apps, innovative gear and clothing, new scent covers, attractants and scent-destroying products and dispensers. After three full days on the floor, I walked away with a long list of products that I cannot wait to take to the field. I have shared here many of those items for you to browse through.

Ozonics Products

This year, it was evident that electronics are ever popular and still a growing market for hunters. Ozonics Products, the company that brought us the first ozone unit designed for hunters to use in the field, released the Ozonics HR300. The Ozonics 300HR is a quieter, slightly smaller unit with a muffled fan and longer lasting batteries that emits 45% more ozone than the prior unit. The unit is designed with EZ Mount, and it comes with Smart Batteries for longer life in the field and a Smart Charger to extend the overall life of the batteries.  Ozonics Products also released the Kinetic Backpack designed with a dedicate carry compartment for the Ozonics unit providing scent elimination while on the move.


Hunt Vape Technologies

I was immediately compelled to find out what I was looking at as I stood in the isle watching a mesmerizing, small swirling stark white cloud dance lightly in the air. Hunt Vape Technologies, LLC introduced the Cirrus Vape Wind Indicator that allows the user to use a vapor puff in the air to detect wind direction, thermal currents and the slightest wind. The lightweight unit is smaller than a deck of cards, is USB rechargeable, and refillable with cartridges that last up to 1,000 puffs. It also comes with a lanyard for convenient carry.



Another vapor product that seemed to be getting a lot of interest is the WyndScent. A vapor hunting scent dispenser that allows the scents to hold together longer and travel farther on the wind. The unit is not much larger than a small flashlight, and it is reusable, refillable, rechargeable, portable and allows adjustable scent disbursement. It can be set out on a stake, hung from a tree, set up on the mini-tripod or clipped on a backpack while stalking. The proprietary scents include attractants in Doe in Estrus, Doe Urine, and Buck Urine, and the cover scents come in Apple, Acorn and Pine.



Moultrie Products unveiled the Mobile Field Modem MV-1 that works with most Moultrie cameras manufactured in 2015 or later. This modem allows the camera to be wireless ready and will send photos to your PC, tablet or mobile device with the free Moultrie Mobile App. The modem requires a flexible pre-paid data plan, with no activation fees or contract, which operates through the Verizon Wireless data network and available directly through Moultrie regardless of your current wireless provider. Not only can you view your photos on your devices as soon as you receive the notification by email or text, you can also manage camera settings and monitor the camera’s status.



For those hunters who prefer to plan the navigation of their next do-it-yourself hunt, to scout new land or to traverse public or large parcels of land, DeLorme has added Hunt Edition to its Earthmate series. The Hunt Edition offers unlimited cacheable hunting maps for all 50 states, which includes everything needed to scout, map and track for your specific hunting areas. Online hunt planning is made easy with U.S. Parcel Maps, Public Land Survey Systems Maps, USGS Quadrangle Maps, North America Topo Maps and Game Management Units. In addition, way points and boundaries can be added to every type of map.



Garmin never ceases to amaze outdoor enthusiasts with their products, and this year is no different when they introduced the Garmin fēnix 3 HR. The fēnix 3 HR presents the most features ever packed into a true fitness and hunting watch. Not only is it a GPS, it has a built-in altimeter, barometer, compass and heart rate monitor. The fēnix 3 HR logs your activity, sleep, heart rate, and oxygen levels during movement, exercise and sleep – including advanced running dynamics and physiological metrics. The fēnix 3 HR includes smart notifications for emails, texts and alerts, as well as custom apps and customizable watch faces.


Full Flight Technology

Using arrow ballistics, physics and math along with some specific arrow information, UNO Archery App by Full Flight Technology, LLC quickly sights in your bow. After sighting the bow in at one distance by inputting the arrows speed, vane type, and peep measurement, the app will calculate the pin distances and display the precise sight marks right on the phone screen for pin positioning. No more spending hours on the range setting up your bow sight and dialing it in accurately.



The most advanced and effective archery training device ever introduced was launched on the ATA showroom floor this year, and it will be available in late spring 2016. The AccuBow is designed to feel like an actual bow, and it is able to increase pulling strength, holding stability and shooting stamina by using every muscle fiber involved with shooting a bow. The built-in laser sight and level bubble allows you to effectively train the mind-muscle connection and eliminates canting, rushing through a shot and target panic. A D-Loop attachment allows you to use your mechanical release just as if you were in an actual hunting scenario.


True Timber Outdoors

True Timber Outdoors has released several new items and styles as well as a new color to their line. I checked out the Women’s Permafrost Jacket at ATA, and I was excited that there was not a splash of pink, purple or teal on the jacket. The exterior is a durable soft, quiet suede feel with black side panels, and it features a 100% polyester filler, soft interior lining, two side pockets, one inner pocket, adjustable wrist cuffs, full front zipper with storm placket and a relaxed elastic hem. The Permafrost Jacket is available in sixes XS-XXL and economically priced under $80 for any budget.



Flambeau Outdoors Heated Vest offers multi-layered lightweight polyester and spandex vest with a brushed fabric Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo exterior. Three heat zones comfortably warm your chest and back with three, push-button settings powered by a 7.4-volt rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides of up to 6-hours of heat. The vest can be machine-washed, and it has an easily removable heating element system. This vest is perfect for layering without the bulk.


Nomad Outdoor

Nomad Outdoor, a relatively new camo company in the industry, showcased its entire line of hunting apparel with an unique look and design. Their waterproof, breathable fabric incorporates wicking/moisture management, SilverZ Scent Suppression System, and a durable water repellent, and it is designed with crescent shape back leg cuffs and an adjustable waist band. In addition, an Emma grip on the back of the base layer pant legs keeps your socks from sliding down into your boot in the field. The features for zippers, pockets, pouches and other applications are designed with the hunter in mind, and they won’t snag on archery equipment, gunstocks and backpack straps. The quality of the material and workmanship will surely allow a hunter to use these items with comfort in the field for many seasons.


Muck Boot Company

The Muck Boot Company has solved a long-standing problem for many women when it comes to rubber boots: most hunting boots are too tight in the calves once pant legs are tucked in.  The new Arctic Hunter is a mid-calf, heavyweight hunting boot built especially for women. These boots have a roomy toe box, a pull on back tab and ample room in the ankle and lower calf. The rugged outsole is designed for slip-resistance traction. The interior is lined with a warm fleece lining, a comfort insole and an insulation package rated to -40°F. The boots are full camo, and they are designed to work well in rugged terrain.


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