Korkers: The Multi-tool of Winter Boots


With winter beginning its annual assault, time to make sure your winter gear is up to snuff. Among the most important body parts to protect are our extremities – head, hands, and feet! You want them warm and dry and, when it comes to winter footwear, you want it to keep you upright when it the conditions underfoot become slick. Enter Korkers Footwear.

Korkers makes versatile winter boots designed with traction in mind. We all know that winter weather can change unpredictably – even those days that start out warm and clear can turn into a blizzard by mid-afternoon. So, you need winter footwear that can change with the conditions. Korkers has just the solution: their patented OmniTrax® interchangeable sole system. All the boots come with TWO different soles – one with rubber lugs and another with metal studs. When the conditions turn icy and slick, simply pop off your rubber soles and swap them for the studded soles with bite. It’s a snap… literally! Check it out:

Oh, and what about keeping your feet warm and dry? Korkers has got you covered there too. With boots ranging from 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation all the way up to a scorching 1200 grams, they’ll keep your toes toasty. And for when the water’s not hard or white & fluffy, all Korkers boots are fully waterproof & breathable. Warm, dry, and twice the traction? Sign me up!

Korkers IceJack Boa with Snowtrac and Icetrac Outsoles ($229.99).

4WD For Your Feet

With the arrival of Old Man Winter, do you have the right boots to keep you warm, dry, and upright? Korkers has you covered with their ingenious OmniTrax® interchangeable soles system. With each pair of boots you get 2 soles – one pair of standard rubber soles and one pair with metal studs. Simply pop off the rubber soles and swap ‘em for the studded soles. It’s a snap… literally! And with Thinsulate insulation and a full waterproof/breathable membranes, what more do you need? Warm, dry, and twice the traction! Check ‘em out:


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