Gifts for the Sportsman Who Supposedly Has Everything


By Jason Herbert

I don’t want for anything. I am happily married to my beautiful wife and we are blessed with four healthy kids. I have a great job and amazing things are always happening to me. I really am the happiest and luckiest man alive.

That being said, it never hurts to give my loved ones a few holiday ideas for me. So here is my wish list of ten things I would like this holiday season. Let’s see who’s really reads my work. All of these things are available at the one-stop shopping website for outdoor sports,

Kryptek Boxers

What self-respecting sportsman doesn’t need a great new pair of high-tech boxers? Not only do I hunt and fish, but I run, I’m constantly working around my house, I’m cutting wood, I’m helping my wife with chores, doing things with the kids, and all sorts of other things that could potentially cause me to start sweating. Every grown man knows that there’s not much fun involved in doing physical work with cotton underwear on. Let’s just say chafing is the least of my concern, therefore I think not only do these boxers look sweet, they will be very helpful and me continuing to live my active lifestyle and a comfortable way. Was stretch fabric, moisture wicking capabilities, and a cooling effect these things are sure to become my favorites.

Kryptek Raid Trident Boxers ($24.99).

Hooded Sweatshirt

What guy doesn’t love a new hoodie? I’m really impressed with’s selection of hoodies. Me personally, I like the Mossy Oak bottomland hoodie because it will come in really handy during duck season, and coyote season, and turkey season, and deer season. This thing has a weather resistant and windproof outer shell with a soft fleece liner, so not only does it look cool, it feels incredibly comfortable. I like how dark everything is so when I am wearing the hood or not, it will still be easily camouflaged. Some hoodies are not dark on the inside and stick out like a sore thumb if they’re not being worn. There are several choices on the website I honestly would be happy with any of them. There are also sweet HUK fishing hoodies for the summer. I can ask for one of those for Father’s Day.

Banded Atchafalaya Mossy Oak Bottomland Hoodie ($99.00).

Banded Playmaker Neoprene Hybrid Waders

These things are sweet. I already have a nice pair of waders, but they are not camouflaged. I really like how these can be worn in a duck blind and goose field as a standalone item, or used for spring steelhead and fall salmon fishing. They have 1600 grams of Thinsulate in their boots, a removable belt, upper chest shell pockets, and pouch. They also have adjustable shoulder suspenders and flexible knees to make wearing them completely comfortable. If anything, having an extra set of waders around is a great way to get a reluctant buddy or spouse into a duck blind, because they won’t have any excuse why they can’t come along and enjoy the hunt.

Banded Playmaker Neoprene Hybrid Waders ($279.99).

Badlands Pack

I already have a good hunting backpack so I’m simply looking at one of these for a bug out bag. As a constantly evolving prepper I’m always looking for high-quality convenient items to aid in my preparations. I like any one of these Badlands packs because to me the camo pattern isn’t such a big deal. I really appreciate their high-quality, practical accessories and the ability to carry a whole bunch of gear on them. Capable of holding a bow or rifle while strapping a tent and a sleeping bag, these things are as good as it gets for a prepper looking to be able to bug out at any moment.

Badlands Realtree AP Pack ($279.99).


Every outdoorsman can always use more socks. Personally, I own nice socks. The problem is I cannot find my nice socks because my two teenage sons seem to help themselves to my clothes when they run out of clean clothes and are too unmotivated to do laundry. I have to believe if I got really brave I would go dig in the depths of their bedrooms and find my dirty hunting socks, but in the meantime while I am still sane, I simply want more socks. There are two types of stocks I like to wear and has them both. I like wearing light moisture wicking socks as a base layer near my foot to keep my sweaty feet dry. Wet feet equal cold feet, and moisture wicking socks fight the battle for warm feet on the front line. Next, I like to layer with a thick insulated socks to help keep my feet warm as well. I tend to throw the thin socks in the laundry more often and keep the warmer insulated socks handy, rarely washing them because they never really are exposed to my foot. Dressing in layers is nothing new for an outdoorsman and our feet deserve the same courtesy, so I want thin wicking socks and thick insulated socks.

Danner Pronghorn Midweight Crew Socks ($16.00).


I actually would really like two extra sets of binoculars. I currently only have one pair of binoculars and it is in my hunting pack. I use it all the time for every species of animal that I’m hunting. I would actually also like a nice set of binoculars to keep in my truck from when I’m driving around glassing fields or just observing cool things. I also would like a nice pair of binoculars to keep on the windowsill at my back deck of my house. I am fortunate to live in farm country and I’m constantly looking at deer, turkeys, coyotes, and other animals out back. I really don’t know any sportsman who could not use an extra set of binoculars, or even a spotting scope.

Bushnell Marine 7x50mm Binoculars ($160.84).

Trail camera

Sticking with the theme that I’m going with, here every avid sportsman could use another trail camera. carries top brands of trail cameras. I personally have no brand loyalty, and I think the options on are all great. With names like Bushnell, Browning, and Simmons you can’t go wrong choosing one of these trail cameras. The decisions about trail cameras arise when people start talking megapixels and effective ranges. Also one thing to consider is what sort of flash system there is. I don’t take any chances and prefer the LED or infrared flash systems because I know they will not scare deer. If anything, someone could always just throw up an extra trail camera on their driveway to monitor who’s coming and going from their house while they’re not home. Trail cameras are a lot of fun, and every sportsman could use another one.

Browning Recon Force 10MP Trail Camera ($139.00).

Arrows and Bolts

Between my children and myself, somebody is always losing arrows and crossbow bolts, therefore I could use more. The important thing here when purchasing arrows or bolts for someone else is to make sure that you’re getting the right kind that will match up with what they are currently shooting. If I were arrow and bolt shopping for someone else, I would give away the surprise and simply tell them “Hey… I’d like to buy you some new arrows or bolts for Christmas, what kind do you need?” My wife with her gracious and giving heart has tried to buy me arrows before and they were not the same kind I typically used. I ended up having to return her gift of arrows to buy the specific kind I needed. Something precise like arrows and bolts are not anything to take a stab in the dark at or screw around with. Arrows and bolts are very specific high-performance hunting tools and the archer needs to be shooting the same kind of arrows and bolts. So this is one that probably shouldn’t be a surprise, but the gesture will still be very much appreciated.

Gold Tip Ballistic Pro 22in. 6 Count Arrows ($59.99).

Survival Foods

One can never have too much emergency food is stocked up in my opinion. has great deals on all sorts of options of emergency food supplies. This is a really nice gift for someone, and quite honestly pays dividends to the purchaser as well. The chances are that a loved one is buying the gift, in this case emergency food supplies, for Christmas. In the event of an emergency, the loved one will probably also benefit from having emergency food on hand. The same goes for water supplies, water purification equipment, or any emergency supplies in general. All of these emergency food supplies can can also be used for camping and really have all sorts of benefits like peace of mind.

Wise Company 72 Hour Dried Food Kit ($97.49).

Portable hammock

Along the lines with the outdoor adventure – survival – prepping theme, I would like a portable hammock. They are inexpensive, easy to carry around, easy to use, and are a lot of fun. I know this because I’ve tried some of my friends, but I do not own my own yet. Perfect for any bug out bag or emergency kit in a car, a portable hammock can also be used on camping trips, hunting adventures, or simply laying around in the yard. Either way, I certainly don’t need a portable hammock but it is sure would come in handy, and I know I would get a lot of use out of it.

PahaQue Double Hammock ($59.00).

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