Gear For Dad And The Kids


Father’s Day is almost here, and every year there is plenty of opportunity to get outdoors and spend some quality time with dad. Weekends spent casting fishing rods at the banks of a pond, plinking targets at the rifle range, or hiking a scenic stretch of woods can result in memories that last a lifetime. Gifts are really a secondary matter as far as Father’s Day is concerned. The main focus is just spending time with dad, and there is plenty you can do with little or no investment on Father’s Day. That said, if you’re looking for a new activity or thing to do on Father’s Day, we’ve picked out some gear with both dad and his kids in mind. These items are meant not for dad, but for dad to teach and share with his kids. Let’s take a closer look at some gear for dad and the kids.

Bear Archery Titan Youth Bow Set

If dad is a bow hunter or archery addict, then chances are he wants to pass his love of archery down to his children. Before you go out and buy a youth compound bow or wait until the kids are old enough to use a full-sized bow, why not start with a youth bow set. Bear Archery (probably one of dad’s favorite archery brands anyway) has made the perfect traditional bow set for youth in the Bear Archery Titan Youth Bow Set. This set comes with a bow with 20-29 lb. draw weight, two safetyglass arrows in a quiver, an armguard and finger tab, and a target. The bow is ambidextrous so both left and right handed kids can use it. This is a perfect gift for dad to show young archers 12 and up the basics of archery.


Available at 1800Gear for $53.69

Tenkara Rods Teton Rod And Reel Package

Tenkara Rod Company is focused on the essentials of minimalist fishing. This Japanese inspired basis of fishing involves only a rod, line and fly. Tenkara Rods are best for fishing streams and rivers, but they can be used in ponds and urban fishing spots as well. Dads who are serious fly fisherman or who want to get into fly fishing will find that a Tenkara rod might be the best place to start. Better yet, Tenkara rods are perfect for teaching kids the art of fly fishing without much investment or a load of gear to mess with. We’ve picked out the Tenkara Teton Rod And Reel Package as the perfect starter kit for minimalist fishing. This kit comes with everything you need to get started, and dad and the kids can be learning the basics of fly fishing the same day the combo arrives.


Available at 1800Gear for $159.00

Banded Big Bub Duck Call

There’s never a wrong time for dad to start teaching the art of duck calling to young hunters. Instead of using dad’s expensive calls for the purpose, why not start with an inexpensive call that the kids can handle without any concern. We’ve picked out the Banded Big Bub Single Reed Duck Call for the job, and a single reed call is the best type of call for inexperienced hunters to learn on. This wood grain and clear acrylic call is inexpensive but it’s not from a cheap company as Banded makes some of the best duck hunting products in the business.


Available at 1800Gear for $28.00

FoxPro Crooked Spur Mouth Turkey Call Combo

Is dad a serious turkey hunter instead of a duck hunter? Then a turkey diaphragm call might be the better option for the kids to learn. The FoxPro Crooked Spur Mouth Turkey Call Combo offers three different mouth call styles to experiment with, and dad and the children can call at the same time with this three pack. Just make sure they step outside to test them out in case they annoy Mom and the rest of the family with continued yelps!


Available at 1800Gear for $12.89

Browning Range Ops 8MP Infrared Trail Camera

The activity of scouting, placing and checking the photos of a trail camera can be a fun activity for the whole family. We’ve picked out a good entry model for dads who don’t have a trail camera to play with already, and the Browning Range Ops 8Mp Infrared Trail Camera is a good investment for any Dad that hunts or owns property that wildlife frequent. This trail cam uses infrared illumination for stunning nighttime photos, and it also takes HD (1280 x 720) video with sound and time lapse photos. While there will be plenty of fun involved with checking what the camera has captured, dad and the kids will also have a good time hiking and finding a spot to mount the camera in the field.


Available at 1800Gear for $84.00

Thumb image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.