Extreme Cold Weather Gear


Temperatures are dropping all over the country, and it’s time to prepare for those sub-zero outings. After all, you can’t stay indoors all winter and let the opportunities for hunting, fishing and hiking pass you by. What you do need to do before you head out into the frozen landscapes is gear up with some items that are specifically designed for extreme cold. Here are several brands and highlighted gear that is perfect for the winter. Don’t let the winter chill freeze you out. Check out this cold weather gear.

Minus 33

Merino wool makes for the best base layer garments, and Minus 33 specializes exclusively in Merino wool base layer garments and accessories. Merino wool has a wealth of properties that make them desirable for outdoor enthusiasts. Merino wool is breathable and moisture wicking, and wool doesn’t burn like other synthetics, so a wayward spark from a fire isn’t as damaging to Merino wool. Merino wool is also resistant to microbes that cause odor and fungus, so you’ll stay fresh while wearing each garment. Merino wool is one of the popular choices for hunter scent control as well.

Minus 33 base layers are a great option for both men and women.

Minus 33 manufactures a wealth of garments and accessories for men, women and children including base layer tops and bottoms, casual outerwear, underwear, socks, and beanies. Minus 33 should be one of the first places you start when preparing for an extra cold outing.

Striker Ice

Striker Ice specializes in cold weather fishing gear perfect for those long ice fishing outings. Striker Ice apparel provides warmth and breath-ability with their Hydropore technology. This material acts like other synthetic fiber insulation by blocking wind and preventing water from entering the pores of the material while still allowing perspiration to escape. This ensures the wearer is warm even during extended periods of activity.

Striker Ice products provide a couple other unique advantages. The first is Sureflote, or a low-density foam that traps air when it is manufactured. Sureflote can act as a flotation assist for up to two hours, and this can make all the difference should an ice fisherman, or cold water fisherman, fall into the water. Sureflote doesn’t replace a flotation device or protect against the threat of hypothermia, but it is a nice secondary assist should the panic of falling into icy water occur. Many Striker Ice products also feature an optional Thermadex insulation insert that increases warmth on those blustery days without adding too much extra bulk.

The Striker Ice Climate Jacket is one of the only jackets on the market that features a flotation assist, and the removable liner can be worn separately on warmer days.

The Striker Ice Climate Jacket and Bib system represents the premium fishing suit for cold weather environments. The Climate Series is extremely adjustable with infinite-adjust leg cuffs and customizable suspender lengths, and you can wear it from fall to spring with a removeable Thermadex insert.


Stormr’s claim to fame is apparel designed specifically around neoprene material. Similar to the construction of a diver’s wet suit, Stormr uses neoprene to insulate the wearer of their. Stormr products provide excellent flexibility without the unwanted bulk common in many insulated jackets, and similar to Striker Ice, Stormr neoprene cores provide 10 pounds of positive bouyancy for those emergency situations. Once again Stormr isn’t intended to replace a life jacket, but the extra bouyancy is a great added feature. Each jacket and bib combo is lined with micro-fleece for added warmth and coated with a waterproof finish to repel water.

The Stomr Strykr series of apparel comes in flat gray and black colors or a bright orange style depending upon your preferences.

The Strykr Jacket and Bib combo represents the maximum protection in the Stormr line, and it’s splash-proof zippers and glued, blind-stitched and thermal taped seams ensure water stays out when your ice fishing or working or playing in extreme cold and wet environments. Combine the jacket and bib with Strykr gloves for complete protection from the elements.


Frabill offers something a little different in our search for extreme cold weather gear. The Frabill series of ice shelters aren’t meek little pop-up tents, but instead offer superior protection when you and your buddies plan to be out on the ice all day. Frabill Ice Shelters have heavy-duty frames and roto-molded bases to keep the shelter standing tall when fierce winds blow in, and most models have plenty of room for standing, drilling holes and setting shelter anchors.

The Frabill Predator 4255 is one of the most luxurious ice shelters you can find on the market.

The Predator 4255 Ice Shelter represents Frabill’s premium shelter option, and it utilizes the patented Modular Seating System to accomodate 2-3 anglers comfortably. Combo this with a Frabill Shelter Anchor kit and related ice fishing accessories, and all you’ll be ice fishing in comfort even when the snow is whirling around your shelter.


Most serious hunters are already familiar with the Sitka Gear name, but their Big Game series offers cold weather gear that is at a higher level than the rest of their products. The Sitka Blizzard Parka and Blizzard Bib are specifically designed for those hunts that only the most hardy adventures set out on. The Blizzard Series features a blend of 60% water-resistant duck down at 650 fill and 40% Primaloft synthetic insulation, and this blend allows for maximum warmth without the undesired bulk found in other extreme parka combos.

The reinforced tail and bib seat keep you extra warm even when sitting in the snow.

The outside of the parka and bib are surrounded by Gore-Tex material so you don’t overheat when your hunt calls for extended movement or activity.  When combined together, the Blizzard Parka and Bib create a tight seal against the cold conditions around you, and a reinforced tail and bib seat ensure that you stay warm even when sitting in the snow. Add a Sitka Merino base layer to this setup, and as Sitka suggests, this outfit is more of a walking sleeping bag than hunting clothing, except of course that you can move freely in the Blizzard Series.