Deer Gear For The Season


By David Link

We know you’re itching to try out some new gear for the approaching deer season, and what is better than new gear anyway? We’ve put together list of deer hunting gear you should try out this year, and whether it ups your odds, makes your life easier or keeps you comfortable in the stand, you’ll be glad you checked out these items. Read up and then get a move on! October is just around the corner.

ScentBlocker Tree Spider

Every bow hunter knows that drawing from a tree stand is a precarious adventure at best, but ScentBlocker has made those worries a thing of the past with their Tree Spider harnesses. The Tree Spider fits seamlessly into any hunting apparel set up, and a strong bungee tether is affixed to the top of the harness to keep you connected with the tree even in the most stressful moments when you draw your bow. There are five distinct models in the Tree Spider line: three bibs with integrated harnesses and two stand alone harnesses. When you select one of the bibs, you’ll benefit from the extra Trinity scent controlling technology found in all ScentBlocker apparel. Every harness is easy to put on, and once you’re buckled in, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it at all.

ScentBlocker’s Tree Spider Speed Harness

ScentBlocker promises that you won’t just feel safer in your tree stand while wearing a Tree Spider Harness, you’ll also make better shots. This one is a no-brainer if you or your family is concerned with tree stand safety, and you can add to that safety by pairing the Livewire Descent System with the Tree Spider. The Livewire system is connected to your harness as you leave your stand, and it creates a controlled descent up to 25ft. Instead of the jarring stop that you’d get from a normal descent tether, the Livewire brings you to a softer, gradual stop if you should fall. Both items are a must-have for those hunters who are getting tired of the uncertainty involved with climbing and leaving their tree stands.

The matching ScentBlocker Livewire Descent System.
The matching ScentBlocker Livewire Descent System.

Sitka Launching Pad

It’s no secret that scent control is all the rage these days, and more and more brands are releasing their take on the different technologies used to absorb or block hunter’s scent. As scent control has become more recognized, it’s become standard practice for hunters to put on their apparel after they’ve exited their vehicle. This is because the interior of your vehicle is loaded with fragrances and other scents from your daily life, and you don’t want any of that rubbing off onto you clothes as you drive to the stand. Until now, the most popular storage options, either for the bed of your truck or the trunk of your car, were plastic totes and plastic bags. Now Sitka has taken a refined approach to this problem and released the Launching Pad for changing outside of your vehicle.

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The Sitka Launching Pad when zipped up.

The Launching Pad resembles and over-sized suitcase or as Sitka calls it, a “mobile closet.” Once you’re out of your vehicle you simply retrieve the Launching Pad, unzip it on the ground, and then get into your chosen hunting outfit while standing directly on the pad. There’s even a main compartment to hold you compound bow if you need it. It pays to be obsessive about scent control these days, and nothing makes it easier than the new Launching Pad.

The Sitka Launching Pad when opened.

Badlands Hunting Packs

If you haven’t checked them out already, Badlands makes some of the best hunting packs on the market today. From super-light day packs to giant multi-day packs, Badlands makes packs for hunters who travel half a mile or ten miles in a day. Most Badlands packs feature compartments to store water bottles, hydration packs, cameras, and all the other vital hunting gear you need, and they come in several different camo patterns to match your surroundings. A couple packs to pay special attention to this season are the Tree Stand and the Tree Hugger packs. The Tree Stand pack is specially designed to hang from your stand so you don’t have to leave your gear at the foot of the tree, or if you don’t need as much space, the smaller Tree Hugger zips down to form a “tree stand basket” to hold all your gear while you’re in the stand. Make sure you have a pack worthy of your hunting pursuits this year with Badlands.

The Badlands Tree Stand Backpack

Leupold BX-3 Pro Guide HD Binoculars

A good pair of hunting binoculars are sure to be one of your greatest assets this season and every season to come, and you’re better off passing on that cheap pair of budget binocs and going for a reliable pair of roof prisms that will improve your scouting for years to come. Arguably the best pair of hunting binoculars available this year are the Leupold BX-3 Mojave. The Leupold BX-3 series has been honed over several generations, and the Pro Guide series is the pinnacle of Leupold hunting binocular development. The high-definition, extra-low dispersion lenses help you pick out the finest details in the bush, and they are 100% waterproof and fog proof so they won’t let you down even in the pouring rain. Better yet, the BX-3 Mojave binoculars are lighter than ever with an open-bridge design. Get them in either 8x42mm or 10x42mm magnification, and you can choose from either Kryptek Typhon or Kryptek Highlander camo patterns to suit your preferred environment.

The Leupold BX-3 Pro Guide HD 8x42mm in the Kryptek Highlander pattern.


Ok, the Tactacam won’t improve your hunting odds like these other items…well unless you perform better when you know you’re on camera. What the Tactacam will do is help you capture your best hunting moments for years to come in HD quality. The Tactacam mounts to your firearm via a ring mount or to your bow via an integrated bow stabilizer, and it captures vivid footage while you go about your normal hunting business. The camera has an auto-focus feature and is slightly magnified at 3x so you can be up close to whatever you’re aiming at. The camera is also designed to withstand the recoil of your firearm or bow so there aren’t any concerns about damage. There is even a low-light sensor for those early morning or late evening shots. The Tactacam is the perfect bragging tool for those holidays with family and friends after the hunting season is over. Finally you’ll be able to show them just how good of a shot you really are!

The Tactacam with various attachments.