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By Pete Rogers In the world of performance apparel, the field is getting clogged with a lot of copycat manufacturers, many of which are subpar, to say the least. It seems that since this sub-genre of clothing started, more and more manufacturers are getting into the market. A little over a decade ago, Sitka Gear […]

  By Jason Reid West. The word means an earned adventure to every hunter holding onto DIY dreams. Hunting the West, especially for those living East of the Mississippi, is increasing in popularity. This creates new dynamics and regulations every year and to some this is a frustrating endeavor. However, the West is still the […]

  By David Link Ah summer, time to pack up the truck or car with gear and get a little lost while finding a place to sleep outdoors. Camping – that is true camping – involves bringing everything you need. There are no outhouses around for you to do your business, no clean water taps […]