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  By Robin Follette The first hunt of the year is often turkey season. We’ve waited all winter, scouted, watched the wild turkeys in big rafters as they started to strut, and then we watched them break up into small groups and disappear. After all the time put into filling our turkey tags, it’s nice […]

  By David Link Unfortunately not all of us were introduced to the outdoors by our parents, relatives or friends. But the good news is there is always room for more outdoorsmen or women in this great nation of ours. For those who don’t know where to start, we’ve put together this guide to gearing […]

  By David Link I don’t have to tell you that water is the most important resource we have, and I’m sure that most if not all of you have heard that you can survive at least three or more weeks without food, but you can only go three days or so without water. Water […]

  By Jason Herbert If you haven’t already, be sure to read part one of Fishing Rods And Reels. Fly Fishing Generally regarded as a life philosophy as well as a fishing technique, fly fishing is so much fun! Just about the opposite of baitcasting – we have fly fishing. The art of casting fly […]

  By Jason Herbert Ahhh fishing. There are not many better ways to relax. For some, it’s an old cane pole and bobber in a farm pond. For others, “matching the hatch” of giant mayflies in a river, with fly rod in hand. And a few brave souls might find themselves surf casting coastal waters […]

  By David Link When evaluating what to add to your hunting apparel collection, you tend to focus on the big items like parkas and pants. After all, that’s where the majority of your budget is spent, and it feels like that is where the biggest impact in apparel upgrades comes. In many ways this […]

  By David Link The choice of hunting clothing is just as important as that of your rifle or scope. While inferior hunting clothing can ruin your hunt or cut it short, superior hunting clothing can give you an edge and keep you comfortable in the field until that trophy buck or other game shows […]

  By David Link Rangefinders aren’t just designed for hunters, there is a growing selection of rangefinders designed with golf applications in mind, and if you spend a good deal of time out on the course, you need to consider a place in your bag for one of these great tools. Because you don’t take […]

  By Robin Follette Creating, maintaining and improving habitat for hunting will help small game move into an area and not only survive but thrive. It’s a good use of time in the off season, and creating habitat doesn’t have to be expensive or too time consuming. As urban sprawl increases creating habitat for small […]

  By Jason Herbert Being blessed with four very active and hungry children leaves my life full of joy- and my wallet rather empty. I remember watching Doomsday Preppers a few years ago and thinking to myself if something were to happen, we’re screwed. I can’t afford all that stuff. Not long after, I was […]