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  By David Link If you’re like me, then you like to be prepared when you go camping. I prefer at least two days over the one-nighter because it’s only on that second afternoon that you really settle into your surroundings. It is as if the rhythms and sounds of nature finally overtake the stresses […]

  By David Link Scent control and management is among the most important concerns that hunters have each season. It is also arguably one of the most controversial hunting topics out there, especially since there are an increasing number of scent control products on the market today. Just ask any serious deer hunter, and he […]

  By David Link Even those who aren’t intimately familiar with bow hunting culture have probably heard the name Fred Bear. He was one of the first stewards of bow hunting culture, and he is just as well known for his adventures around the world and exploits on film. He remains a cultural icon in […]

  By Robin Follette Kids and fishing. Be it from a boat, on shore, off a dock or on the ice, teaching kids to fish is an investment in their outdoors lifestyle. Getting started is simple, even if you’ve never been fishing. These tips will help you create a good experience for the kids and […]

  Stormr is one of the premier designers of apparel for harsh weather, and the success of their gear in the elements is dependent on the technology they pack into each and every product. Stormr utilizes two primary technologies to make their apparel flexible yet warm and comfortable: Neoprene Core Technology and VAPR Tech. Before […]

  By Seth R. Nadel In 2000, my wife & I moved into our dream home, a log house in the mountains of Arizona. From day one, we have been living off the grid, and we thought our experiences might be of interest to you. We did not do this to be “preppers” (then called […]

  When you read most “how-to select a pair of binoculars” articles, birder and hunter binoculars are lumped into one category. But you may ask yourself is there really a difference between the two? What if I select a binocular based on birding criteria only to find it isn’t suitable for all hunting situations. You […]

  By Robin Follette Spring bass fishing, the first chance we get after ice fishing closes to cast a line to a large or smallmouth bass. Mature bass are coming in from deeper water where they spent the winter to shallower, warming water in preparation for spawning. The water is cold, likely in the 40°s, […]

  By David Link You may have seen monoculars listed alongside other sport optics like binoculars and spotting scopes and wondered if they were really worthwhile optics. They tend to be relatively inexpensive and they look very small when compared to their binocular and spotting scope cousins, so they must be inferior when compared to […]

  By Jason Herbert When I turkey hunt, I like to go out until I have a bird or it’s dark, whichever happens first. I remember a hunt a while back where I’m glad I had a plan in place. Driving to the new farm reset my patience. I had been out in the woods […]