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  This week we’ve been covering a lot of new products on the SHOT Show floor for our sister site 1800GunsAndAmmo, but today we’re going to take a look at some of the great new products from brands on 1800Gear. Eberlestock The big news at the Eberlestock booth is the arrival of their new and […]

  It’s resolution season, and right now everyone is resolving to lose weight, save more money or quit smoking. There are a lot of important goals to plan for this 2017, and one you shouldn’t lose sight of is getting outdoors more this year. What better way to enjoy the fresh air and scenery of […]

  It has been another exciting year in articles here at 1800Gear, and we’d like to take a quick look back at some of the best from 2016. In the course of the year we’ve ran informative how-to articles, comprehensive product reviews, tasty recipes and more. You can look forward to plenty of exciting articles […]

  Showcasing and sharing game meats like venison sausage and jerky can be a highlight of the holidays, but unfortunately not everyone is able to make their own. Still, it can be a lot of fun to try something exotic with family around the holidays, and wild game meat can be just the thing to […]

  By Robin Follette If you have weekend campers on your gift list this year, you’re in luck. They’re some of the easiest people to choose gifts for, and it’s likely your gift will be used more often than weekend camping trips. Here are ten gifts for weekend campers…and a bonus. 1. Alps Mountaineering Meramax […]

  By Jason Herbert I don’t want for anything. I am happily married to my beautiful wife and we are blessed with four healthy kids. I have a great job and amazing things are always happening to me. I really am the happiest and luckiest man alive. That being said, it never hurts to give […]

  With winter beginning its annual assault, time to make sure your winter gear is up to snuff. Among the most important body parts to protect are our extremities – head, hands, and feet! You want them warm and dry and, when it comes to winter footwear, you want it to keep you upright when […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams I remember being the “Hunter’s Wife” and the feeling of total confusion as to what would make a great gift under the Christmas tree for my “Hunter Loved One.” Ironically, things have changed drastically and I became a hunter at the mentoring of my husband. Now gift giving in our […]

  By David Link As an avid hiker myself, I picked out some gifts that will work great for both the casual and serious hiker in your life. From outdoor tools to accessories that don’t require exact sizing to buy, there’s something here for everyone. Remember, we have access to such a large amount of […]

  Story By Tony Martins Dog lovers will surely agree that canine family members are special, and Piggy was a very special dog. She was a big and especially beautiful Irish setter, delightfully well mannered with a strong desire to please. Her laid-back personality and gentleness was more like the temperament of a Labrador retriever […]