A Very Prepper Christmas


The holidays are about feeling warm and comfortable in your home, and a big Christmas ham, a roaring fire, and family gathered around are the things that most of us treasure and look forward to during this time of year. The prepper crowd is no different, but there may be a few extra things aside from the Christmas ham needed to make the average prepper comfortable. Here are some tasks that once completed will make preppers merry.

Stockings Hung With Gear

A good stock of gadgets and tools is among the prepper’s most prized possessions, but such a collection doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why every year when the stockings are hung or the presents placed under the tree, a few of them always end up packed with survival gear. Smaller items like knives, headlamps, matches, lighters and fire starters all find their way into preppers stockings each season. Bigger items like blankets, backpacks jackets, water filtration systems, water containers, and flashlights are typically found under the Christmas tree. One thing is for sure, a prepper rarely goes a Christmas without adding a least a couple items to their survival stores.

Wise Foods Emergency Backpack.

Settled For A Long Winter’s Nap

The winter solstice has just passed and the winter season is upon us, which means there is still plenty of cold weather ahead before spring hits. Yet a prepper can only settle in for that long winter’s nap after he or she has made all the accommodations for winter weather. After all, these will be the months that are the most demanding should a survival situation ever arise. A good stock of firewood is never far from a prepper’s house, and whether used in a fireplace or wood burning stove, a fire can stave off the cold should the power go out. You can never really have too much firewood as the saying goes, and it’s common for a prepper to have an impressive stack to fall back on should the need arise. A quality ax to chop that firewood will always be one of the prepper’s prized possessions. Of course, the firewood is always of use on a cold Christmas night to keep the family warm and cozy as well.


Before a prepper can settle in for a long winter, there are other preparations to consider. A quality emergency radio and spare batteries for the radio and always have a place in home that is well-prepared for winter. A good stock of winter clothing, hats, gloves, and blankets should be tucked back into the closet if there is ever a power failure or a need to evacuate. Finally, don’t forget lighting options should the house go dark. Several flashlights and candles should be stored in easy reach so you don’t have to fumble for them too long.

Visions Of Food Stores

Well not technically “visions” but rather realities of food stores will put the prepper’s mind at peace this holiday season. Beans, rice, salt, oats and canned goods should all be tucked down in a cold, dry place for long storage. Freeze dried meals supplement those basics, and they really spice up mundane survival food fare. Several companies make serious freeze dried survival food options, and most products have around a whopping 15 year shelf life that makes it well worth nestling in the basement. Meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy can all be freeze dried to make those days bright that otherwise might be gloomy.

Wise Foods Grab And Go Bucket.

Don’t Just Spring From The Bed

Exercise and activity are an important part of any survival preparation, and even though the colder temperatures and holiday meals can make staying in shape a little harder this year, preppers still find time to get some exercise throughout the holiday. This time of year they get outside to chop wood, shovel snow, take winter hikes, go on winter hunting trips and do whatever it takes to stay in shape. A lack of physical conditioning can be a real killer in a survival situation, and just addressing emergency tasks as they come up can be demanding, even for those who are in shape. This time of year is a good time for preppers to get out with their family and enjoy the winter landscapes around them.


 If There Arises Such A Clatter

Don’t panic and make sure you’re prepared for whatever an emergency situation might bring. Water, dried food, gear and warm clothing should always be on the prepper’s wishlist if not already stored away, and the prepping never really ends as there’s always supplies to rotate and more gear to add. In the meantime it’s always good to enjoy what you have now. Your family, your freedom, a working power grid, and even the Christmas dinner, these are all things to treasure this holiday season. Have a good Christmas, and remember that soon it’ll be time to think about those prepper New Years resolutions.

Image four courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.