Month: June 2019

By David Link Often times in footwear, simplicity is key. Sometimes we get so caught up in marketing slogans and flashy features that we lose track of why we’re even wearing something. Palladium Boots is a footwear brand that embraces simplicity, and I don’t mean that as a dig at what the company is doing. […]

By David Link Why do we hit demanding rocky trails, scramble up boulder fields, or edge along a wall to the tantalizing next view? In writing my most recent review of the Garmont Sticky Cloud and Garmont Sticky Stone GTX Approach Shoes review, I found myself considering this all over again. This originated from a […]

Striker’s new eVolve Rain Gear system is a rugged jacket and bib system built to resist the worst nature can throw at you. By David Link Striker Ice is famous for their ice fishing gear, especially the SureFlote technology built into their ice fishing apparel like the Striker Ice Predator Jacket. SureFlote uses closed cells in the membrane of the jacket and bibs / pants to keep users alive and afloat for […]

By Jeff Burleson In a few days, I will hit my next birthday where I will be 45 years old. And for nearly all my life, fishing has been a part of my culture living in eastern South Carolina. From the mountains of Montana to the Gulf Coast of Florida, fishing runs in my blood. […]