Month: August 2018

By Pete Rogers In the world of performance apparel, the field is getting clogged with a lot of copycat manufacturers, many of which are subpar, to say the least. It seems that since this sub-genre of clothing started, more and more manufacturers are getting into the market. A little over a decade ago, Sitka Gear […]

Quarterback practice like you’ve never done it before. Aspiring athletes everywhere know that regular training is the key to success, and this includes football. The things you need for the most basic football practice sessions are a football (obviously) and something to throw it at. This can be a pain in the neck for some […]

By Tony Martins With introduction of its Black line of riflescopes last spring, Nikon Sport Optics made a bold move into the worlds of precision long-range rifle shooting and long-range hunting, as well as action-shooting for enthusiasts of modern sporting rifles based on the AR-15 and similar platforms. Satisfying the needs and desires of the […]

By Nancy Jo Adams Fall is quickly approaching, and soon hunters will be in the woods placing stands in prime locations in pursuit of this seasons’ “Hit List Bucks.” As hunters, we all have the personal responsibility of wearing safety harnesses while climbing and hunting from elevated stands, and this includes during the initial placement […]

  By Seth R. Nadel Much of our life deals with the transfer of information, and the fastest way to do so is visually. Yes, it takes me time to write these words, and you time to read them. Man has always sought to enhance our senses, but we can only smell that which is […]

SIG Sauer presents the best rangefinder of its class! The SIG Sauer Kilo 1200 is another great addition to the Kilo family of laser rangefinders, and it boasts everything you’ve come to expect from SIG Sauer. We’re talking attributes like sturdiness, ease of use and the highest precision for the money. That quality is not […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams Using game cameras has long been an advantage in the pursuit of a hunter’s next trophy. Not only can game cameras be used for scouting, they are indispensable in game management. In theory, the essentials in the success of using game cameras is simple and having the experience to find […]