Month: June 2017

  By Mayrena Hernandez Something that has recently become an issue for me is coordinating my running plans. When is it okay to run by yourself versus running with others? I was fortunate enough that when I started my running journey years ago, I had a running club to depend on with consistent times and […]

  NOMAD partners with the National Wild Turkey Federation resulting in some great hunting apparel. By Nancy Jo Adams Nomad Outdoors partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation to bring turkey hunters the NWTF hunting apparel collection. Combining top quality apparel with a top shelf organization benefits all turkey hunters with a portion of the […]

  By David Link Kestrel is a leading designer of portable weather meters and data loggers, and their devices can be applied to a staggering number of scenarios and uses. From agriculture and fire prevention to ballistics and hiking / camping, Kestrel meters can do a lot for professionals and hobbyists of all kinds. The […]

  By Pete Rogers For over twenty years during the early season of our deer season, I would hunt for deer coated in Deet. Scent control was out of the question. In order to stay in the woods during the dog days of August and September when our archery season opens, you have to deal […]

  By David Link For over 110 years, Belleville has been America’s premier military boot manufacturer. They outfitted brave soldiers in WWI, WWII, and beyond, and their boots have tackled everything from deserts to jungles. In recent years, the company has expanded to offer tactical and outdoor boots built in the same spirit as their […]