Month: May 2017

  Ground Blinds are a Practical Solution When Introducing Youth Hunters to Hunting Heritage By Nancy Jo Adams Introducing youth to hunting is always rewarding for the mentors. Those first experiences in the woods are crucial in deep rooting the hunting heritage in a young novice hunter and can be the difference in developing a […]

  By Jason Herbert Finally! After completing construction on my dream home, a modest ranch we built with help on my family’s 60 acre farm, I was able to start looking for the puppy I’ve always wanted. Blessed with four active children, my wife and I agreed early on that we wanted our children to […]

  By David Link Geigerrig’s unique pressurized hydration bladder design is truly worth adding to your gear collection. The hydration pack concept is nothing new, and most popular backpack brands offer some iteration of a hydration pouch or bladder in select models. The idea is fairly simple, and most are familiar with it. A pouch […]

  By David Link Nikon’s new binocular for 2017 is stylish, easy to use and extremely bright and clear. Couple that with a Field Flattener Lens new to the Monarch series and a record breaking field of view, and you have an exceptional binocular at a great price, especially when compared to similar models. Nikon […]

  By Pete Rogers The Sitka Gear brand has been turning clothing into gear since 2005. The company’s idea began from a miserable climb in the mountains. It was during this climb when a vision for better materials and better clothing emerged. After climbing through rough conditions and heavy cold clothing, Sitka has been working […]

  By Mayrena Hernandez When it comes to any physical activity, the importance of a functional central core is crucial to performance and avoidance of injury. You might be reading this article because you are curious on just how to improve your “core.” Maybe someone has told you this is important for getting that next […]