Month: December 2016

  The Innovation of the HOKA Brand. By Mayrena Hernandez When you first look at the HOKA Tracers, you get a sense of familiarity in the color scheme such as the Hoka Clayton Shoes, but it’s easy to tell that something is different from any of the other HOKA shoes. When someone mentions the HOKA […]

  It has been another exciting year in articles here at 1800Gear, and we’d like to take a quick look back at some of the best from 2016. In the course of the year we’ve ran informative how-to articles, comprehensive product reviews, tasty recipes and more. You can look forward to plenty of exciting articles […]

  Showcasing and sharing game meats like venison sausage and jerky can be a highlight of the holidays, but unfortunately not everyone is able to make their own. Still, it can be a lot of fun to try something exotic with family around the holidays, and wild game meat can be just the thing to […]

  By Robin Follette If you have weekend campers on your gift list this year, you’re in luck. They’re some of the easiest people to choose gifts for, and it’s likely your gift will be used more often than weekend camping trips. Here are ten gifts for weekend campers…and a bonus. 1. Alps Mountaineering Meramax […]

  When people think of using a metal detector, they usually think about the “find of the century,” or the unearthing of some untold riches. Realistically, you’re probably not going to stumble across long lost gold, but you never know until you try do you?! Even if you’re not finding pirate’s gold, there are plenty […]

  By Jason Herbert I don’t want for anything. I am happily married to my beautiful wife and we are blessed with four healthy kids. I have a great job and amazing things are always happening to me. I really am the happiest and luckiest man alive. That being said, it never hurts to give […]

  It can be depressing for the onset of winter to interfere with the solid workout routine you have, but you don’t have to sit at home and wait for the warmer temperatures to return. Cold weather is no reason to stop running outside, but you will have to alter your routine some. You’ll also […]

  With winter beginning its annual assault, time to make sure your winter gear is up to snuff. Among the most important body parts to protect are our extremities – head, hands, and feet! You want them warm and dry and, when it comes to winter footwear, you want it to keep you upright when […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams I remember being the “Hunter’s Wife” and the feeling of total confusion as to what would make a great gift under the Christmas tree for my “Hunter Loved One.” Ironically, things have changed drastically and I became a hunter at the mentoring of my husband. Now gift giving in our […]

  By Robin Follette Bear hunting is my favorite season. I love the work of setting up bait sites, lugging bait, and especially studying game camera photos. We’re able to bait here in Maine because our bear population is too high and increases each year. It sounds like it should be easy, but it took […]