Month: November 2016

  By David Link As an avid hiker myself, I picked out some gifts that will work great for both the casual and serious hiker in your life. From outdoor tools to accessories that don’t require exact sizing to buy, there’s something here for everyone. Remember, we have access to such a large amount of […]

  It is easy to feel safe when you face winter weather in your vehicle. The heater is running and the wipers and defrost keep the windows clear. Should something happen, your phone is in the console so you can call roadside assistance. However what happens if you phone doesn’t get service and you get […]

  By Mayrena Hernandez Before starting this review, I would like to give a little background information on myself. I want to assure you that I have the best interests of the runner in mind. My name is Mayrena Hernandez and I am a certified and licensed athletic trainer who is currently working with Kansas […]

  Mayrena Isamar Hernandez is a graduate student at Kansas State University pursuing a Master of Public Health with an emphasis on nutrition degree. She also serves as the graduate assistant athletic trainer for the Kansas State University men’s and women’s cross country and track and field team. Mayrena is a licensed and certified athletic […]

  By Guy J. Sagi Experienced outdoorsmen know backups can save lives. Lighters go bad and matches get wet, so somewhere in their kit extras are stored separately in a waterproof container. The same is usually true for flashlights, which can have their batteries die or lightbulb/LED go out. But, what about the device they […]

  In most snowy areas of the world, skiing and snowboarding is king. Locals and tourists alike hit the slopes every weekend, and ski and snowboarding gear fills the shelves of every outfitter. However there is another winter activity that is rewarding for many, but it doesn’t get near the press as skiing. This alternative […]

  Story By Tony Martins Dog lovers will surely agree that canine family members are special, and Piggy was a very special dog. She was a big and especially beautiful Irish setter, delightfully well mannered with a strong desire to please. Her laid-back personality and gentleness was more like the temperament of a Labrador retriever […]

  In the popular ski areas of the country, the slopes are set to open in the next month or so if they’re not open already. Ski season brings a lot of weekend warriors into the beautiful, mountainous areas of the world, and unless you live or work around a ski town, you only get […]

  By Robin Follette Being new to bow hunting, there are a lot of things I need to learn. My biggest lesson to date is the difference in the behavior of bucks between our bow and rifle seasons. Seeing bucks outside of our rifle season is great, of course. Studying the details of their behavior […]