Month: October 2016

  By Guy J. Sagi Continued from Tracking Back: Finding Your Way Back To Camp – Part 1. Dating Game Rain washes away tracks, insects crawl through them and wind obliterates details. How fast our trails become invisible depends on local conditions, and putting a good figure on age takes a ton of practice/knowledge. However, […]

  By Guy J. Sagi People slightly alter the landscape when they go outdoors, even those of us who make a conscious effort to always “Leave no Trace.” At the very least it’s footprints or scuff marks, but those subtle clues stand out like neon signs to knowledgeable and practiced trackers. Average outdoorsmen don’t have […]

  All throughout spring and summer, you’ve kicked around in tennis shoes and sandals. But now colder temperatures on the way, and you need a pair of boots that can handle heavy rain and icy conditions. On top of that, you need boots that are comfortable, because chances are they’ll be the only thing you’re […]

  By Jason Herbert With so many tragic accidents happening each fall, we hunters need to step up our safety game plan a notch. Everyone knows about wearing a safety harness, but there is more to treestand safety than simply locking in once you’re in the stand. Accidents will of course always happen, but here […]

  We take a closer look at Hoka One One’s exciting new Recovery Slides launching in 2017. More and more athletes, runners and trainers are integrating recovery sandals into their post run or walk routines. The recovery sandal has existed in some form for years now, but what’s exciting about the concept is companies are […]

  Sometimes you need to bring a lot of gear into the field with you, and in times like that you need the largest, most rugged backpack you can get your hands on. However, there are other times you don’t need near as much equipment, basically a pair of binoculars, a knife, a bottle of […]

  By Guy J. Sagi Sensationalistic websites and publications routinely issue doomsday predictions, building dramatic scenarios where the earth’s only survivors spend their last days in hazmat suits carrying M4s. They may be right, but before you invest your life savings and keep a gas mask under your bed, there are a lot more, very […]

  The survival food market is dominated by freeze-dried foods today, and with advantages like a 25 year shelf life (depending on the food) and low cost, it’s not hard to see why. However, freeze-dried food does have some drawbacks. Many brands require the addition of water to serve them, and you can only carry […]

  Are you still relying on that old winter jacket from the 90s to get you through the colder seasons? You know, the one with dirt and dust ground into the outer shell and a zipper that barely functions? Well sounds like it’s time for an upgrade, and these days you can get an excellent […]