Month: September 2016

  Continued from Packing Your Game Out – The Gear. Now that you’re properly geared up to pack out meat, we need to discuss strategy. First off, everyone develops their own approach to packing out meat, and factors like temperature, terrain and type of game can impact how they tackle it. Don’t be afraid to […]

  If you grew up hunting deer in the Midwest, chances are packing out a deer involved field dressing it and dragging it a few hundred yards to the truck. Even if you weren’t so close to where you parked, someone had an ATV handy to make the job a snap. However when you hunt […]

  As fall approaches, it’s time to get to work on this year’s duck blind. Each year, waterfowl hunters scour each cove and bank of their local farm pond or waterway looking for the perfect spot for what they hope will be the best blind yet. Some hunters begin construction earlier than others, but if […]

  By Pete Rogers Darkness kept a strong grip on the early morning as I made my way to the first stand of the year. It was August 15, opening day of deer season in South Carolina and an early entry to the stand was important to get settled while it was still fairly cool. […]

  By Rob Boyle Welcome back to all things bowhunting and archery related! So far in our column, we have discussed what to look for before you purchase your first bow, what type of arrows you’ll need, and what kind of arrow rest will work best for your type of hunting or archery. But wait…we’re […]

  For some campers, using a sleeping bag is a summer affair. Warm nights and casual settings make for an enjoyable, low pressure camping experience. On summer nights like this, campers may even sleep with the rain fly off or out under the stars. It is rare to hear of someone waking up freezing or […]

  Like it or not, fall is just around the corner. For many, this stops camping trips for the year, but actually fall can be an excellent time to pitch a tent in the wilderness. The hot temperatures of summer are now milder, and you can enjoy the vivid colors of fall leaves depending on […]

  Early fall is an incredible time to hunt deer; unpressured bucks have broken up from their bachelor groups and are rather predictable on food sources. A major disadvantage and one that keeps many hunters from trekking to their favorite hunting spot is the inopportunely warm conditions during early season hunting. Hunting in warm weather […]

  When we think of dehydration, we tend to think of hot, muggy days and the relentless sweating that comes with them. In cases like that, it is easy to tell when you need to pay special attention to hydration. However, staying active in colder temperatures like fall and winter can create a similar need […]

  Smartphones are not designed for use in the outdoors, although in the future you may see a phone line designed specifically for outdoor uses. For now, phone designers make their devices with the city in mind. Often they do not account for unexpected moisture, jagged rocks or dust and sand. Even so, this doesn’t […]