Month: July 2016

  Survival doesn’t just take place in the middle of nowhere. For the majority of Americans, survival situations will occur in a different, but nonetheless challenging environment: the urban sprawl. Survival in the wilderness poses many challenges, but unless you’re injured, there is opportunity to move around, gathering food and resources, etc. Survival in urban […]

  There are times when you load the truck or RV up for a different type of adventure. Instead of heading out into the wilderness, you head towards the crowds and busy parking lots. Thankfully, the scenery you’re after is that of a crowded parking lot, and your preferred company is that of rowdy fans. […]

  By Robin Follette Have you been thinking of learning how to fly fish? I decided one frigid, windy April day while standing on the dam between Grand Lake Stream and West Grand Lake that I would learn to fly fish that year. The fly fishermen below the dam were casting gracefully, gently cradling their […]

  This summer if you head to a nearby canyon or riverbed, you’re bound to encounter a unique type of outdoor adventurer: the rafter. These folks prefer to spend their days on the water, and most of their nights are spent on the banks of a river, their rafts pulled up on to shore and […]

  By Jason Herbert “Dad!… I got one!!!” And good lord, did he ever. My youngest son’s rod was dang near bent in half. As I rushed to his side, my first paternal instinct caused me to grab him around the waist so he didn’t get pulled in to swift river. We were fishing downtown […]

  By Rob Boyle The last two articles (How To Select A Compound Bow – Basics and How To Select A Compound Bow – Advanced Terms) focused on the most important part of your archery gear: your compound bow. The second most important piece of gear you’ll own is your arrows. What is peanut butter […]

  It can get pretty old running around the same sidewalks around your house. A treadmill can be even worse, especially if you’re not into the whole “stare at the TV and try to forget you’re running in the first place” thing. If you’re craving dynamic scenery and fresh air to go along with it, […]

  By David Link On a recent camping trip I started to wonder why some people conduct themselves poorly in the wilderness while others just seem to “get it.” Don’t get me wrong, camping -especially far from civilization – is a great way to unwind and get back to a “wilder” version of yourself, and […]