Month: June 2016

  By Robin Follette Fiddleheads are almost a holiday in the northeast. If we could pin down the date of the first fiddlehead popping through the duff it probably would be a holiday. It’s a day we wait for, talk about, and celebrate. Text messages, Facebook statuses and phone calls go out – fiddleheads are […]

  By Luke Brandenburg Whether you are a competition fishermen or just looking for some more success on your home waters, fishing with sonar can be an excellent tool. Just make sure you know enough about it to keep it from being more of a frustration than a helpful partner! People have been fishing for […]

  The news this summer is that we’re on track for the hottest summer on record. Chances are you’re already well aware of that fact as a few 100 degree days have already hit depending on where you live. Extreme and stifling heat can have an adverse effect on your outdoor activities, but you don’t […]

  We all have that friend that holds a significant social distinction from the rest of their peers. They’ve earned it by storing, hauling and permitting a bulky and consistently expensive watercraft they only use a few weekends or days a year. Yet their effort does not go unrewarded. They do it for the chance […]

  Taking your hikes from simple one to two mile loops to the longer, and generally more exciting hikes can be a challenge for some. There are many reasons to up the mileage on your hikes. Many do it for the fitness benefit, and a long hike can be a great way to get into […]

  By Pete Rogers When getting the assignment to write a story about my favorite brands in the hunting and shooting world., my first thought was, that’ll be easy enough. Instantly three brands came to mind as my favorites, but narrowing down the last few was and still is quite the challenge. I am what […]

  Father’s Day is almost here, and every year there is plenty of opportunity to get outdoors and spend some quality time with dad. Weekends spent casting fishing rods at the banks of a pond, plinking targets at the rifle range, or hiking a scenic stretch of woods can result in memories that last a […]

  Summer is underway and you’re busy scheming about the camping and hiking trips that you can take. These adventures sound great when you start to think about them, and whether you’re only planning on taking one or two or you’re trying to fill up your summer schedule with trips, it’s natural to get excited […]

  By Rob Boyle Continued from How To Select A Compound Bow – Basics. Welcome back to our second segment on how to select a compound bow! Last time we discussed a bit about the different types of bow manufacturers out there, and we talked about a few of the terms used in archery to […]

  By Jason Herbert “WACK!” As the fat 8-point stumbled away into the swamp, a silent smile came across my face. My second lethal arrow of the evening had found it’s mark. The day was October 18th, 2015 and I had accomplished something I’ve always dreamed about, two deer in one night with my bow. […]