Month: May 2016

  The monotony of winter has broken at last, and you’re itching to get out into the country, breathe fresh air, and catch some fish. Whether a wild running river or a secluded farm pond is your chosen escape, you need a reliable fishing gear kit to catch those trophy fish you’ve been dreaming about […]

  Crossbow hunting and target shooting, like bow hunting, is an exciting and growing sport in America, and more and more crossbow enthusiasts are showing up in states all over the country. Crossbow shooting has its own unique appeals, and among them is the ability to use a crossbow like a rifle while still being […]

  We all know that having the right gear on hand is vital to any successful hunting trip. Months are spent thinking about it while in traffic, at down times around your desk or workplace, and especially around the house on weekends. Careful planning goes into selecting your long term hunting gear, and those who […]

  By Rob Boyle So you want to start shooting a compound bow? First off, congratulations on making the decision to join the ever-expanding sport of archery and bowhunting. Shooting a bow is a lifetime endeavor of fun, patience, excitement and practice. Five years ago I woke up one day and decided I wanted to […]

  Rob was born in Bermuda, a little island off the coast of the Eastern United States, all by itself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Since then he has lived in New Jersey, Arizona, Scotland and for the last ten years, the great state of Texas. Rob has only gotten into hunting the […]

  EDC, or everyday carry, is the task of assembling and wearing a few key items that you take with you everywhere you go. Of course there are certain exceptions, for example you can’t bring a knife into your local courthouse when called for jury duty, but we assume you’ll know where your EDC gear […]

  If you’re a hunter or serious shooter, a quality rangefinder is a necessary addition to your gear collection. However, most will agree a rangefinder isn’t the most exciting piece of gear out there, and they are probably not the devices you want to spend an entire season’s budget on (but don’t be fooled, the […]

  By Robin Follette When we think of food plots, we’re probably thinking about acres rather than square feet. I shot my first deer in a five acre food plot. Eastern Wild turkeys follow miles and miles of gravel roads for the grit and for the clover that was seeded for erosion control. We think […]

  Nothing quite completes a campsite like a lazy dog hanging around it. If you’re a proud dog owner, camping with dogs is the perfect opportunity to burn their excess energy, to practice obedience training in an open and somewhat secluded environment, and to give them much needed exposure to their wild roots. There will […]

  Another season of outdoor adventures is upon us, and chances are you’re already busy planning trips and budgeting for the hunts, hikes, and fishing and camping trips you want to do most this year. Part of the budgeting process is accumulating the proper gear you need to execute those trips, and wise outdoor enthusiasts […]