Month: April 2016

  By David Link Nothing is quite like getting far off the grid, and it’s something that not enough people do, commonly out of fear of the uncertain or concern that they will get lost. Even if you don’t live near a large wilderness area, you can plan a trip or a long day hike […]

  In the coming months, countless of adventure seekers and road trippers will set out on our nation’s highways to explore the vast recreation opportunities found in the US. While some will choose cars, trucks and minivans, others will turn to a more substantial mode of transport to take them to the beautiful places in […]

  By Tony Martins Crosman announced a new addition to their Benjamin hunting line at the Archery Trade Association show early in January. The “Pioneer Airbow” immediately generated an unprecedented level of interest within the hunting industry, particularly among archery and airgun enthusiasts. A video showing professional hunter Jim Shockey downing a 2000-pound bison with […]

  Pete Rogers earned his BA from the University of South Carolina and a Masters in Divinity from Erskine Theological Seminary. He discovered the outdoors as a young teen growing up in Saluda, SC. As a hunter, angler and trapper, Pete spends hundreds of days afield annually in pursuit of various game across the country. […]

  Today is Earth Day, and in celebration, let’s take a closer look at an activity not every outdoor enthusiast actively engages in: birding. Any observation of a bird in its natural habitat is considered birding, and birders can be casual weekend observers or serious experts keen to catalog rare birds around the world. Birding […]

  By Pete Rogers There is little doubt that if you have been in the outdoor world over the past decade you have seen the brand Yeti. Developed as a premium cooler, the Yeti brand has done something few companies have ever done. By developing a new cooler, they created not only an excellent product, […]

  It’s pretty much a given that you’re not going to find a cheap spotting scope on the market today, or at least not one that is worth taking a chance on for your spotting needs. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend $2000 on a spotting scope either, especially if this is your first […]

By Robin Follette I swear they know when I’m cooking moose. Is it the aroma? Maybe they’re peeking in the window… However it is they know, they do. Friends often show up when I’m cooking moose meat even if I’ve taken it out of the freezer and have it thawing in cold water in the […]

  By David Link I have a good friend who was (and still is) my hiking partner and cohort anytime I want to head out into the wilderness. We both grew up in Illinois and we spent a good chunk of our college days in the beautiful Shawnee National Forest surrounding Southern Illinois University. I […]

  By David Link As a kid, I always looked forward to spring. The dormant forests of the Midwest suddenly came alive with new green buds and shoots, and the temperatures were pleasant, but the stiffing humidity hadn’t quite hit yet. The itch to hike and play in the woods would strike me again, and […]