Month: March 2016

  Are you in the market for a pair of affordable binoculars? Here are five models that are a cut above the lowest price range of binoculars, but even at under $200, these binoculars offer a lot of value and performance that even serious hunters, birders and sports enthusiasts will be pleased with. You’ll find […]

  Robin Follette It’s a sad day when I get to the last packages of partridge (ruffed grouse) in the freezer. Our hunting season ended on December 31 in Maine. It was a good season, there were plenty of birds to eat and we left a strong population for spring breeding. Our daily bag limit […]

  By Guy J. Sagi When I was doing a lot of search and rescue work, small cell phones were as rare as unicorn sightings, and the survival of anyone seriously injured in the outdoors often hinged on the first-aid knowledge of those who witnessed the accident. Today, though, fewer outdoorsmen think those skills and […]

  We wrap up our series on animal encounters with smaller venomous creatures that can sneak by you unnoticed but are nonetheless dangerous: spiders and scorpions. In case you haven’t already, click back to our earlier articles on Bears and Mountain Lions, Other Large Animals and Snakes. Black Widow Spider The most infamous venomous spider […]

  Now that we’ve covered the larger dangerous animals you might unexpectedly encounter in the wild, we move on to the smaller animals that might be lurking in the bushes right below your feet. Up first, the always feared venomous snakes. If you haven’t already, check out the first two parts of the series about […]

  We continue on with our series on dangerous animal encounters with other larger to mid-sized animals that might pose a threat if encountered. Be sure to read the first part of the series on black bears, brown bears and cougars. Moose We started with the three animals that most people consider to be the […]

  As the spring weather warms up, crowds of people will head out into the wild places of this continent, and several lucky (and some unlucky) adventurers will come face to face with animals that may pose a serious threat if approached incorrectly. Day hikes, weekend camping and longer backpacking trips are becoming more popular […]

  By David Link A good, hardy breakfast can makes all the difference, especially when you’re out at hunting camp or hanging with friends around the morning campfire. However, you have to balance the desire to cook an appetizing breakfast with the fact that you don’t always have a full kitchen, or a lot of […]

  Socks may not be the most exciting gear, but they make a huge difference when it comes to your comfort and mobility in any outdoor activity. We all know the hunter or hiker who keeps wearing those worn out socks year after year (chances are it may be you), and they aren’t doing their […]