Month: February 2016

  There are few things that anger a landowner or a hunter more than the thought of their trail camera being stolen. First, if it’s private property, it just adds insult to injury that someone was trespassing and then decided to lift the trail camera while they’re at it. Even if the land isn’t reserved […]

  By Joel Zielke Binoculars are one those things that seem to be everywhere. I remember as a kid riding in the jump seat of my grandpa’s truck there was a pair riding next to me. If you stop by any of my friends’ houses today, there is probably at least one set laying around […]

  These days there are a couple common sense resources you should always have around the house. The first is a store of at least three gallons of water for each person who lives at your residence. If you’re really cautious, you’ll have a backup to those water jugs in case you need to last […]

  Make this year the year you get outside more often. Even now in a few parts of the country, there is the occasional warmer day that starts to break up the winter routine. On days such as that, it is easy to get excited for the coming spring, but what most people end up […]

  By Robin Follette Ice fishing is a long standing tradition in the cold sections of the world. We ice fish for fun and to add fresh food to our dinner table when little local fresh food can be found. When it comes to ice fishing, you can’t be too safe. It can be difficult […]

  By David Link When I was at the 2016 SHOT Show the other week, I got a chance to attend a Q&A and meet Les Stroud, better known as Survivorman. I’ve been an addict of his TV concept ever since it premiered something like 15 years ago, and it was nice to take a […]