Month: December 2015

  By Jason Herbert “Dad… I got the decoys out, but I’m freezing…” He wasn’t joking. I parent with “love and logic” as often as possible… but this one I couldn’t let go. He should have known better, but my second oldest son had just waded into a frozen January river with his camouflage snow […]

  The holidays are about feeling warm and comfortable in your home, and a big Christmas ham, a roaring fire, and family gathered around are the things that most of us treasure and look forward to during this time of year. The prepper crowd is no different, but there may be a few extra things […]

  By Joel Zielke Bushnell – the name has been around forever (or 1948…) and might be one of the most easily recognized names in the optics industry. As a child, most of the people in my family had something from Bushnell around the house. As one of the larger, more recognizable brand names that […]

  This winter season, countless fisherman will head off into cold temperatures to find that perfect fishing spot on an icy pond. While there are plenty of seasoned ice fisherman who have their time tested gear list and approach all laid out, many others want to try or increase their time ice fishing this year. […]

  By Robin Follette Hunting shouldn’t be complicated by a pack loaded with gizmos and gadgets. We know the standard list of maps, compass, GPS, time chart (I print mine on the back of my license), knife, headlamp, dry socks, tick nippers, transportation tag…the list is long and doesn’t leave much room in a hunting […]

  Temperatures are dropping all over the country, and it’s time to prepare for those sub-zero outings. After all, you can’t stay indoors all winter and let the opportunities for hunting, fishing and hiking pass you by. What you do need to do before you head out into the frozen landscapes is gear up with […]

  Much of this time of the year is spent with friends and family. From the days before and after Thanksgiving to the end of the year with Christmas and New Years, there is ample opportunity to take an afternoon or full day and spend it catching up with the valued people in your life. […]