Month: August 2015

  By Nancy Jo Adams There are several advantages mechanical release aids offer archers who shoot compound bows for hunting or competition. Archers favor release aids because of proven increased accuracy due to the fact of reduced torque on the bowstring resulting in improved tighter groups. The release aid reduces torque because the release mechanism […]

  By David Link It is that time of the year, and whitetail hunters everywhere are gearing up for fall. We recently featured a piece about selecting hunting clothes for women, and not to be overlooked, youth hunters face their own challenges when trying to find the right hunting clothing as well. Many years ago, […]

  By Robin Follette A lot has changed when it comes to selecting hunting clothes for women. We typically had to fit into men’s clothing. Our hourglass figures meant shirts and jackets might be tight in the chest but baggy in the waist when we put on the straight-cut clothes made for men. With our […]

  By David Link Selecting the right fishing line can be key to hauling in the big one, but not all fishing line types are suitable for the same fishing situations. We break down the popular types of line as well as touch on how fishing line was first developed. A Brief History Of Fishing […]

  By David Link Scent control and management is among the most important concerns that hunters have each season. It is also arguably one of the most controversial hunting topics out there, especially since there are an increasing number of scent control products on the market today. Just ask any serious deer hunter, and he […]

  By Luke Brandenburg Before you head into any territory that you aren’t completely familiar with, you should always prepare for the worst case scenario. When the conditions suddenly change, navigation can become very difficult without a handheld GPS device. Washed-out and poorly-marked trails may lead you off the path where you will have to […]

  By David Link The pickup truck – It’s an American icon, work tool and adventure vehicle. More often than not, it’s also the thing that those without one are always asking to borrow, usually along with your muscle. A truck can be one of your most valuable allies, and for some they can get […]

  By CoolGearSK You are looking at the great compact spotting scope from Vortex: the Diamondback 20-60×60. Vortex decided to show some love to Slovak and Czech outdoor enthusiasts and supplied me with this nice compact spotting scope with variable magnification. I am always amazed by the quality of Vortex products and their value. This […]

  A sharp knife will be among your most important assets in the field, and if you’re not obsessing over keeping your knife as sharp as possible, then frankly you’re doing something wrong. A dull knife can be very dangerous as you have to apply more force to achieve the same cut and blade penetration. […]

  By David Link Selecting the right sleeping bag can make all the difference between a restful night under the stars and a frigid (or sweltering) night of tossing and turning. While selecting a sleeping bag isn’t exactly rocket science, there are some important factors to consider including temperature rating, size and shape, insulation materials […]