Wet Socks Are Must-Have Equipment for Backcountry Fishing. By Jeff Burleson For years, wading gear has always been considered primary equipment for fishing for cold water trout in the mountainous parts of the nation. Whether made of neoprene, PVC, or some other type of engineered fabric, anglers would rarely leave home without some sort of […]

Reaping Decoys like the MOJO Scoot’N Shoot Offers an Adrenaline Packed Experience. By Nancy Jo Adams During the 2016 spring turkey season, I had the opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush of “turkey reaping.” I had heard Midwestern turkey hunters speak of this ultimate rush in turkey hunting. Being from Alabama, the state of extremely […]

  By Pete Rogers Anglers are a finicky lot. Most are very specific about which fishing rods they use and which fishing reels they use on those rods. And the choices of rods and reels are mind boggling. One trip to your local retailer or online store will reveal a list of rods that will […]

  By Tony Martins It has been my good fortune to test Nikon’s Monarch ED Fieldscope during almost two dozen hunting and scouting outings over the past six months. These have included identifying duck species on the water a half mile away and scouting pronghorn from the comfort of my truck cab, picking apart dense […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams On a spring 2016 Kansas turkey hunting trip, my husband Richard and I had planned to be in the field long hours and had to be mobile because of the vast area we were hunting. Following in behind him, he almost looked like a Sherpa. His silhouette was almost unrecognizable […]

Continued from Best of NWTF 2018 – Part 1. By Nancy Jo Adams Houndstooth Game Calls Morning Striker Owl Call A locator call can be critical to finding that hot spot in a particular area in the early morning. There are a ton of them on the market, but not all of them are user-friendly. […]

  Innovative Turkey Hunting Gear from the 42nd NWTF Convention & Sport Show. By Nancy Jo Adams As with every year since its beginning, turkey hunters from all over converge upon the largest turkey hunting expo in the United States, and for a good reason. All of the turkey hunting gear favorites, including the newest […]

  By Pete Rogers I have to admit, a few years ago I laughed at people using trekking poles or hiking sticks. Admittedly, I have used a hiking stick, made of wood and about forty inches long, most of my life. Although I never measured the hiking stick, I carried one for balance and because […]

  By Pete Rogers When the alarm went off, the chill in the air was penetrating to my bones, at least to those parts of my body that crept outside my sleeping bag. The wood stove in our wall tent had gone out during the night, and none of us braved the cold to stoke […]

  Successful Scouting Depends on Quality Optics. By Nancy Jo Adams The day had finally arrived. The trip that we saved for, prepared for, and spent hours studying maps for was upon us. It was the first day of our Midwest whitetail hunt. As we stood on top of a huge rock bluff looking out […]