By Nancy Jo Adams A few years ago, I found myself sitting in my chiropractor’s office two months before the opening day of the Missouri archery season. I remember the defeat I felt when my chiropractor said, and rather sternly: “No archery!” After a few moments of debating, he agreed that I could use a […]

  By David Link It can be a mess when you put the metal detector down and start to dig for items, but not with the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Few companies provide a comprehensive line devoted solely to the growing pastime of metal detecting, and you could argue that no one does it better than […]

The best reflex sight for the money. Let’s take a step back and consider, what purpose does an optical sight serve? We all understand their importance when hitting a distant targets. But what about targets at closer range? Let us treat the challenges of close and mid-range shooting with some respect. Of course, it is […]

By Pete Rogers At this year’s SHOT® show in Las Vegas, I wandered into the booth of Sitka Gear, a long-time favorite of mine. Sitka Gear has revolutionized the idea of “Turning Clothing into Gear®.” Their designers and engineers seem to pull the thoughts of hunters and outdoorsmen and women, and incorporate them into their […]

Continued from: How To Select A Spinning Reel. By Jeff Burleson While the spinning reel choice makes a difference in the fishing experience, the spinning rod choice may be a more important piece of the puzzle to consider. Rods enable anglers to cast lures, work the lures, feel the strike, and retrieve the fish effectively. […]

  From hunting everything that flies, crawls, and gallops to fishing in freshwater and saltwater lairs along the east coast and chasing trophy trout in the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies, Jeff Burleson is constantly immersed in some sort of exciting outdoor activity. Outdoors communications runs deep within the roots of this Carolina outdoor enthusiast. […]

  By Jeff Burleson Fishing is one of my most-favored hobbies of all time. From catching tailing redfish in South Carolina’s salt lagoons to teasing a cut-throat trout in Yellowstone National Park’s Soda Butte Creek, tempting a slime-covered foe on a rod and reel is the greatest experience ever invented. And we all started fishing […]

  By Seth R. Nadel I have spent much of my life looking through binoculars. In my professional life in Law Enforcement, I was looking for smugglers. I saw them, too – particularly one group smuggling live parrots in cages on their backs from Mexico into the US. Parrots? Yes, they are worth more per […]

  By Tony Martins Never has so much performance been available in this price class…” Zeiss Sports Optics makes this claim in the introduction to their Conquest HD binocular and Conquest DL riflescope lines. Also described as “the perfect all-rounders,” Conquest binocular models are known for their ruggedness, outstanding image quality and near perfect ergonomics. […]

Wet Socks Are Must-Have Equipment for Backcountry Fishing. By Jeff Burleson For years, wading gear has always been considered primary equipment for fishing for cold water trout in the mountainous parts of the nation. Whether made of neoprene, PVC, or some other type of engineered fabric, anglers would rarely leave home without some sort of […]