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Improve Your Core Stability

  By Mayrena Hernandez When it comes to any physical activity, the importance of a functional central core is crucial to performance and avoidance of injury. You might be reading this article because you are curious on just how to improve your “core.” Maybe someone has told you this is …

When To Use Compression Gear

  When is it appropriate to wear compression gear? By Mayrena Hernandez If you find yourself participating in a marathon, you might just see a handful of people wearing compression sleeves, socks, tights, and other various compression gear. These tight-fitting garments are thought to improve blood flow to the muscles …

Half-Marathon Training Plan

  By Mayrena Hernandez Since 2000, the number of half-marathon finishers in the United States has nearly quadrupled. The half marathon is the race runners are most interested in by a 77% overall poll margin according to Running USA. If you are not familiar with the half marathon distance, this …

Reasons To Run

  Today we thought we’d take a step back and look at something basic – the reasons we run. It’s easy to get caught up in gear reviews, workout plans, and running routes, but why do we run in the first place? There are other ways to stay in shape, …

New Hoka Products 2017

  It’s no secret to runners and training junkies that Hoka One One makes some of the most – if not the most – innovative athletic shoes on the market. Hoka shoes are self-described “maximalist” footwear focused on oversized midsoles, unique geometry in the Meta-rocker design and a “bucket seat” …

Basic Training Plan For Running

  So, you want to be a runner? By Mayrena Hernandez So, if you are reading this, it is very well possible that you have concocted in your mind that you are ready to start running. Perhaps it is because you are overweight and want to shed a couple of …

HOKA One One Tracers Review

  The Innovation of the HOKA Brand. By Mayrena Hernandez When you first look at the HOKA Tracers, you get a sense of familiarity in the color scheme such as the Hoka Clayton Shoes, but it’s easy to tell that something is different from any of the other HOKA shoes. …

Running In Cold Weather

  It can be depressing for the onset of winter to interfere with the solid workout routine you have, but you don’t have to sit at home and wait for the warmer temperatures to return. Cold weather is no reason to stop running outside, but you will have to alter …

Trail Running Basics

  It can get pretty old running around the same sidewalks around your house. A treadmill can be even worse, especially if you’re not into the whole “stare at the TV and try to forget you’re running in the first place” thing. If you’re craving dynamic scenery and fresh air …