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  We take a closer look at Hoka One One’s exciting new Recovery Slides launching in 2017. More and more athletes, runners and trainers are integrating recovery sandals into their post run or walk routines. The recovery sandal has existed in some form for years now, but what’s exciting about the concept is companies are […]

  Sometimes you need to bring a lot of gear into the field with you, and in times like that you need the largest, most rugged backpack you can get your hands on. However, there are other times you don’t need near as much equipment, basically a pair of binoculars, a knife, a bottle of […]

  The survival food market is dominated by freeze-dried foods today, and with advantages like a 25 year shelf life (depending on the food) and low cost, it’s not hard to see why. However, freeze-dried food does have some drawbacks. Many brands require the addition of water to serve them, and you can only carry […]

  Early fall is an incredible time to hunt deer; unpressured bucks have broken up from their bachelor groups and are rather predictable on food sources. A major disadvantage and one that keeps many hunters from trekking to their favorite hunting spot is the inopportunely warm conditions during early season hunting. Hunting in warm weather […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams Using a backpack that is improperly fitted for the female hunter’s torso length can cause shoulder fatigue, back, and/or hip pain. It is not only vital that your backpack fits your body type properly; it is also important that the pack is designed for the type of hunting you plan […]

  By Pete Rogers When getting the assignment to write a story about my favorite brands in the hunting and shooting world., my first thought was, that’ll be easy enough. Instantly three brands came to mind as my favorites, but narrowing down the last few was and still is quite the challenge. I am what […]

  Father’s Day is almost here, and every year there is plenty of opportunity to get outdoors and spend some quality time with dad. Weekends spent casting fishing rods at the banks of a pond, plinking targets at the rifle range, or hiking a scenic stretch of woods can result in memories that last a […]

  By Jason Herbert “WACK!” As the fat 8-point stumbled away into the swamp, a silent smile came across my face. My second lethal arrow of the evening had found it’s mark. The day was October 18th, 2015 and I had accomplished something I’ve always dreamed about, two deer in one night with my bow. […]

  If you’re a hunter or serious shooter, a quality rangefinder is a necessary addition to your gear collection. However, most will agree a rangefinder isn’t the most exciting piece of gear out there, and they are probably not the devices you want to spend an entire season’s budget on (but don’t be fooled, the […]

  By Tony Martins Crosman announced a new addition to their Benjamin hunting line at the Archery Trade Association show early in January. The “Pioneer Airbow” immediately generated an unprecedented level of interest within the hunting industry, particularly among archery and airgun enthusiasts. A video showing professional hunter Jim Shockey downing a 2000-pound bison with […]