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  EDC, or everyday carry, is the task of assembling and wearing a few key items that you take with you everywhere you go. Of course there are certain exceptions, for example you can’t bring a knife into your local courthouse when called for jury duty, but we assume you’ll know where your EDC gear […]

  By David Link When I was at the 2016 SHOT Show the other week, I got a chance to attend a Q&A and meet Les Stroud, better known as Survivorman. I’ve been an addict of his TV concept ever since it premiered something like 15 years ago, and it was nice to take a […]

  A sharp knife will be among your most important assets in the field, and if you’re not obsessing over keeping your knife as sharp as possible, then frankly you’re doing something wrong. A dull knife can be very dangerous as you have to apply more force to achieve the same cut and blade penetration. […]

  By David Link Tackling your favorite stretch of hunting territory or heading off on a multi-day hike or camping trip? One tool you should never leave behind is a sharp, reliable knife. From field dressing that trophy buck to acting as a survival tool in sticky situations, if you’re an outdoorsman or woman and […]