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Tag: hunting

The Technology Of Sitka Gear

  Gone are the days of bulky cotton hunting clothing or heavy wool jackets. Technology is key in hunting apparel today, and it helps keep hunters warm and dry in the field without excess weight. In addition, hunting apparel must use silent materials so the hunter doesn’t give his position …

Tips To Find The Right Outfitter For You

  By Robin Follette Listing the possibilities, choices, wants, must haves and preferences is a good place to start when you’re choosing an outfitter for a hunt. There are a lot of questions. Who? Where? What? How? When? Gear? There’s a lot to remember. These tips will help you find …

Outdoor Winter Survival

  This fall we covered the important topic of surviving in your vehicle during a winter emergency, but what are you to do if there is no vehicle to be had for shelter? Cold weather excursions into the wilderness can offer a glimpses of winter beauty and a sense of …

ATA Offers Entrepreneurs/New Companies the Opportunity to Showcase Products

  By Nancy Jo Adams While the Greatest Show on Earth, the Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Circus was announcing its’ demise and permanent closure, another show was coming to an end: the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Trade Show. As fans around the world were heart struck with the news of …

Women’s Hunting Boots: Part 2 – Finding the Right Boot

  By Nancy Jo Adams With the various popular boot manufacturers that offer a selection of women’s hunting boots in today’s market, it is easy to get overwhelmed or be indecisive in making a selection. After reading Part 1 of this series, armed with knowing what features to look for …

How To Select Snow Camouflage

  By Jason Herbert Winter is upon us. Along with the holidays, the football playoffs, and excuses to eat a lot and gain extra weight, winter is also one of my favorite times to hunt. However when hunting in the winter, traditional camouflage patterns that were great in the spring …

Sportsman’s Gift List

  By Nancy Jo Adams I remember being the “Hunter’s Wife” and the feeling of total confusion as to what would make a great gift under the Christmas tree for my “Hunter Loved One.” Ironically, things have changed drastically and I became a hunter at the mentoring of my husband. …

Scouting Whitetails for Archery Season

  By Robin Follette Being new to bow hunting, there are a lot of things I need to learn. My biggest lesson to date is the difference in the behavior of bucks between our bow and rifle seasons. Seeing bucks outside of our rifle season is great, of course. Studying …

Tracking Back: Finding Your Way Back To Camp – Part 2

  By Guy J. Sagi Continued from Tracking Back: Finding Your Way Back To Camp – Part 1. Dating Game Rain washes away tracks, insects crawl through them and wind obliterates details. How fast our trails become invisible depends on local conditions, and putting a good figure on age takes …

Tracking Back: Finding Your Way Back To Camp – Part 1

  By Guy J. Sagi People slightly alter the landscape when they go outdoors, even those of us who make a conscious effort to always “Leave no Trace.” At the very least it’s footprints or scuff marks, but those subtle clues stand out like neon signs to knowledgeable and practiced …