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  It can be depressing for the onset of winter to interfere with the solid workout routine you have, but you don’t have to sit at home and wait for the warmer temperatures to return. Cold weather is no reason to stop running outside, but you will have to alter your routine some. You’ll also […]

  By Mayrena Hernandez Before starting this review, I would like to give a little background information on myself. I want to assure you that I have the best interests of the runner in mind. My name is Mayrena Hernandez and I am a certified and licensed athletic trainer who is currently working with Kansas […]

  All throughout spring and summer, you’ve kicked around in tennis shoes and sandals. But now colder temperatures on the way, and you need a pair of boots that can handle heavy rain and icy conditions. On top of that, you need boots that are comfortable, because chances are they’ll be the only thing you’re […]

  We take a closer look at Hoka One One’s exciting new Recovery Slides launching in 2017. More and more athletes, runners and trainers are integrating recovery sandals into their post run or walk routines. The recovery sandal has existed in some form for years now, but what’s exciting about the concept is companies are […]

  By David Link This year millions of people will visit America’s 59 national parks, and each and everyone is an excellent vacation destination for both outdoor lovers and the uninitiated outdoorsman or woman. Yet, what makes visiting a national park even better? Exploring it with new gear of course! We take a look at […]

  By David Link Much of Mother Nature’s beauty lies off of paved roads and trails, but you can’t see all that she has to offer without a good pair of hiking shoes or boots. If you want to experience the hidden treasures of the outdoors, then you’ll need to pair the right boot with […]

  By David Link Each year countless hikers set out on day hikes that they are in no way prepared to take. For example, it is absolutely fool hardy to set out on a 6 mile hike into the mountains without any water, but hikers still make the mistake every year. Even if you bring […]