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  By Luke Brandenburg Whether you are a competition fishermen or just looking for some more success on your home waters, fishing with sonar can be an excellent tool. Just make sure you know enough about it to keep it from being more of a frustration than a helpful partner! People have been fishing for […]

  The monotony of winter has broken at last, and you’re itching to get out into the country, breathe fresh air, and catch some fish. Whether a wild running river or a secluded farm pond is your chosen escape, you need a reliable fishing gear kit to catch those trophy fish you’ve been dreaming about […]

  Another season of outdoor adventures is upon us, and chances are you’re already busy planning trips and budgeting for the hunts, hikes, and fishing and camping trips you want to do most this year. Part of the budgeting process is accumulating the proper gear you need to execute those trips, and wise outdoor enthusiasts […]

  By Pete Rogers There is little doubt that if you have been in the outdoor world over the past decade you have seen the brand Yeti. Developed as a premium cooler, the Yeti brand has done something few companies have ever done. By developing a new cooler, they created not only an excellent product, […]

  By David Link I have a good friend who was (and still is) my hiking partner and cohort anytime I want to head out into the wilderness. We both grew up in Illinois and we spent a good chunk of our college days in the beautiful Shawnee National Forest surrounding Southern Illinois University. I […]

  By Robin Follette Ice fishing is a long standing tradition in the cold sections of the world. We ice fish for fun and to add fresh food to our dinner table when little local fresh food can be found. When it comes to ice fishing, you can’t be too safe. It can be difficult […]

  Temperatures are dropping all over the country, and it’s time to prepare for those sub-zero outings. After all, you can’t stay indoors all winter and let the opportunities for hunting, fishing and hiking pass you by. What you do need to do before you head out into the frozen landscapes is gear up with […]

  By David Link Selecting the right fishing line can be key to hauling in the big one, but not all fishing line types are suitable for the same fishing situations. We break down the popular types of line as well as touch on how fishing line was first developed. A Brief History Of Fishing […]

  By Jason Herbert The icy water was pounding my waist, at times almost up to my chest. The things we do for our kids. If it weren’t for my insulated chest waders there’s no way this duck hunt would be possible. The late fall rain had filled the river to its carrying capacity, and […]

  By David Link Swarming bugs, itchy bites, pesky rashes, and sore sunburns…ah the great outdoors! The places so many love aren’t always as inviting as they could be, but no matter, we still go there anyway without hesitation. From the growth of the camping culture in the early 1900s to the high-tech outdoor gear […]