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  By Pete Rogers It is that time of year when spouses of sportsmen and women are scrambling for something to get for Christmas that they don’t already have. Many dedicated anglers do not wait for a holiday to get what they absolutely must have. When they see something they want, they just go out […]

  By Pete Rogers If you are looking for a voracious fish, you found it in the catfish. Found on every continent except Antarctica, the catfish is one of the most sought after food fish in the world. With nearly 3,000 species to pick from the group Siluriformes is very abundant. It can be daunting […]

  By Pete Rogers Regardless of what name you call it, Crappie is one of the most popular fish in North America. They are known by a wide array of names such as papermouths, speckled bass, specks, speckled perch, and calico bass. Highly regarded for its table fare, the crappie is arguably one of the […]

  By Pete Rogers The Largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides, is the number one sought after game fish in the world. This one species alone accounts for $115 billion annually in the United States. Each year in the US, 47.2 million anglers are hitting the waters looking for fish, and the majority of these are looking for […]

  By Pete Rogers Smallmouth bass was once considered only a northern relative of the black bass family. Kind of the second cousin twice removed from the long heralded largemouth bass. But as time has moved on, more and more anglers have become enamored with this feisty distant cousin. Smallmouth bass fishing is different from […]

  Smartphones are not designed for use in the outdoors, although in the future you may see a phone line designed specifically for outdoor uses. For now, phone designers make their devices with the city in mind. Often they do not account for unexpected moisture, jagged rocks or dust and sand. Even so, this doesn’t […]

  By Jason Herbert As I was enjoying the beautiful sunset, I was also getting a free ride down the river. The gigantic smallmouth on the other end of my line was wearing himself out bullying me and my kayak downstream. I guessed his size at about 3 pounds, but I never had a chance […]

  By Jason Herbert “SLAM!” The gigantic splash shattered the silence of the otherwise calm lake. Like a cinder block had just attached itself to my line, my 7 weight fly rod bent in half and the game was on. I had challenged myself to catch a pike on a fly rod this summer, and […]

  By Robin Follette Have you been thinking of learning how to fly fish? I decided one frigid, windy April day while standing on the dam between Grand Lake Stream and West Grand Lake that I would learn to fly fish that year. The fly fishermen below the dam were casting gracefully, gently cradling their […]

  By Jason Herbert “Dad!… I got one!!!” And good lord, did he ever. My youngest son’s rod was dang near bent in half. As I rushed to his side, my first paternal instinct caused me to grab him around the waist so he didn’t get pulled in to swift river. We were fishing downtown […]