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Gear For Scent Control

  By David Link Scent control and management is among the most important concerns that hunters have each season. It is also arguably one of the most controversial hunting topics out there, especially since there are an increasing number of scent control products on the market today. Just ask any serious deer hunter, and he […]

Evaluating Camo Patterns

  By David Link Pairing the right camouflage pattern with your chosen hunting activity or environment can be a key element to your success. While some game can be fooled with basic camo patterns, other animals will be able to pick you out if your camo is grossly different than that of your environment. Some hunters […]

  By David Link The choice of hunting clothing is just as important as that of your rifle or scope. While inferior hunting clothing can ruin your hunt or cut it short, superior hunting clothing can give you an edge and keep you comfortable in the field until that trophy buck or other game shows […]