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  By Jason Herbert Winter is upon us. Along with the holidays, the football playoffs, and excuses to eat a lot and gain extra weight, winter is also one of my favorite times to hunt. However when hunting in the winter, traditional camouflage patterns that were great in the spring and fall do not work […]

  In the popular ski areas of the country, the slopes are set to open in the next month or so if they’re not open already. Ski season brings a lot of weekend warriors into the beautiful, mountainous areas of the world, and unless you live or work around a ski town, you only get […]

  Are you still relying on that old winter jacket from the 90s to get you through the colder seasons? You know, the one with dirt and dust ground into the outer shell and a zipper that barely functions? Well sounds like it’s time for an upgrade, and these days you can get an excellent […]

  By Pete Rogers Darkness kept a strong grip on the early morning as I made my way to the first stand of the year. It was August 15, opening day of deer season in South Carolina and an early entry to the stand was important to get settled while it was still fairly cool. […]

  This summer if you head to a nearby canyon or riverbed, you’re bound to encounter a unique type of outdoor adventurer: the rafter. These folks prefer to spend their days on the water, and most of their nights are spent on the banks of a river, their rafts pulled up on to shore and […]

  It can get pretty old running around the same sidewalks around your house. A treadmill can be even worse, especially if you’re not into the whole “stare at the TV and try to forget you’re running in the first place” thing. If you’re craving dynamic scenery and fresh air to go along with it, […]

  We all have that friend that holds a significant social distinction from the rest of their peers. They’ve earned it by storing, hauling and permitting a bulky and consistently expensive watercraft they only use a few weekends or days a year. Yet their effort does not go unrewarded. They do it for the chance […]

  By Jason Herbert Driving to my new hunting location helped to reset my hunting patience for the day. I had been in the woods since 5:30 am. It was now 11:00 am and my game bag was empty. Most hunters would have given up long ago, but not me. I had a plan and […]

  Believe it or not, turkey season is just around the corner. The winter thaw is almost upon us, and as the weather begins to warm up, turkey hunters everywhere start to get the itch. Part of the joy of spring turkey season comes with the return of spring vegetation, which is an added blessing […]

  Temperatures are dropping all over the country, and it’s time to prepare for those sub-zero outings. After all, you can’t stay indoors all winter and let the opportunities for hunting, fishing and hiking pass you by. What you do need to do before you head out into the frozen landscapes is gear up with […]