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Tag: camping

What ELSE To Do While You Hunt Morels

  It’s almost mushroom hunting season, and for many areas of the country, it has been a wet winter. This means mushroom hunters can look forward to a strong crop of morels and other wild edibles to start the year. One quick search on the web will reveal hundreds of …

Outdoor Valentines Day Gifts

  Nothing quite says “I think you’re swell” than outdoor gear for Valentines Day. If you’re dating or married to an outdoor lover, than the gift of gear can be the perfect choice for Valentines Day. It says things like: “I’m looking forward to spending time with you outdoors this …

Cooking With Cast Iron

  While we’re smack in the middle of the frigid winter months, we’d like to take some time to examine an important cooking tool every outdoor enthusiast should own: cast iron. In fact you shouldn’t just own one piece of cast iron cookware but many different sizes. This time-tested form …

2017 Camping Resolutions

  It’s resolution season, and right now everyone is resolving to lose weight, save more money or quit smoking. There are a lot of important goals to plan for this 2017, and one you shouldn’t lose sight of is getting outdoors more this year. What better way to enjoy the …

Ten Gifts for Weekend Campers

  By Robin Follette If you have weekend campers on your gift list this year, you’re in luck. They’re some of the easiest people to choose gifts for, and it’s likely your gift will be used more often than weekend camping trips. Here are ten gifts for weekend campers…and a …

A Well Perfumed Piggy

  Story By Tony Martins Dog lovers will surely agree that canine family members are special, and Piggy was a very special dog. She was a big and especially beautiful Irish setter, delightfully well mannered with a strong desire to please. Her laid-back personality and gentleness was more like the …

Tracking Back: Finding Your Way Back To Camp – Part 2

  By Guy J. Sagi Continued from Tracking Back: Finding Your Way Back To Camp – Part 1. Dating Game Rain washes away tracks, insects crawl through them and wind obliterates details. How fast our trails become invisible depends on local conditions, and putting a good figure on age takes …

Tracking Back: Finding Your Way Back To Camp – Part 1

  By Guy J. Sagi People slightly alter the landscape when they go outdoors, even those of us who make a conscious effort to always “Leave no Trace.” At the very least it’s footprints or scuff marks, but those subtle clues stand out like neon signs to knowledgeable and practiced …

How To Choose A Winter Jacket

  Are you still relying on that old winter jacket from the 90s to get you through the colder seasons? You know, the one with dirt and dust ground into the outer shell and a zipper that barely functions? Well sounds like it’s time for an upgrade, and these days …

3 And 4 Season Sleeping Bags

  For some campers, using a sleeping bag is a summer affair. Warm nights and casual settings make for an enjoyable, low pressure camping experience. On summer nights like this, campers may even sleep with the rain fly off or out under the stars. It is rare to hear of …