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  The Endurance ED 10×50 measures up to be the perfect hunting optics. By Nancy Jo Adams A successful hunt often comes down to relying on your optics for spotting and stalking game animals. I have field-tested a variety of brands of binoculars over the past nine years and have experienced top-shelf performance with many […]

  By David Link The Leupold BX-2 Tioga HD Binocular line is new for 2017 and offers a “premium budget” level of performance. But wait, nothing about Leupold translates to “budget,” so what you’ll find in the BX-2 Tioga is a great mid-level binocular at an attractive price. We’ve seen a lot of great products […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams The fall hunting season is nearly here, and hunters around the country will be gearing up for an exciting new season. Hunting binoculars are a popular purchase this time of year, whether its an upgrade to a better model or the first binocular for your collection, it’s always wise to […]

  By David Link Nikon’s new binocular for 2017 is stylish, easy to use and extremely bright and clear. Couple that with a Field Flattener Lens new to the Monarch series and a record breaking field of view, and you have an exceptional binocular at a great price, especially when compared to similar models. Nikon […]

  Baseball is back for 2017, and it’s time to get ready for another exciting year of action around the diamond. Spring Training is ramping up in Florida and Arizona this week, and whether you’re a dedicated season ticket holder or just a casual visitor to the home park, it’s time to get ready for […]

  Today is Earth Day, and in celebration, let’s take a closer look at an activity not every outdoor enthusiast actively engages in: birding. Any observation of a bird in its natural habitat is considered birding, and birders can be casual weekend observers or serious experts keen to catalog rare birds around the world. Birding […]

  Are you in the market for a pair of affordable binoculars? Here are five models that are a cut above the lowest price range of binoculars, but even at under $200, these binoculars offer a lot of value and performance that even serious hunters, birders and sports enthusiasts will be pleased with. You’ll find […]

  By Joel Zielke Binoculars are one those things that seem to be everywhere. I remember as a kid riding in the jump seat of my grandpa’s truck there was a pair riding next to me. If you stop by any of my friends’ houses today, there is probably at least one set laying around […]

  You have seen binocular harnesses listed alongside binoculars or as add-ons to your binocular purchase, but with the standard neck strap that comes with almost all binoculars included in the box, why would you consider adding a harness to your binocular set up? First, it naturally depends upon how you plan to use the […]

  By Joel Zielke Bushnell – the name has been around forever (or 1948…) and might be one of the most easily recognized names in the optics industry. As a child, most of the people in my family had something from Bushnell around the house. As one of the larger, more recognizable brand names that […]