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Outdoor Valentines Day Gifts

  Nothing quite says “I think you’re swell” than outdoor gear for Valentines Day. If you’re dating or married to an outdoor lover, than the gift of gear can be the perfect choice for Valentines Day. It says things like: “I’m looking forward to spending time with you outdoors this …

How To Pack A Hunting Backpack

  We all know that having the right gear on hand is vital to any successful hunting trip. Months are spent thinking about it while in traffic, at down times around your desk or workplace, and especially around the house on weekends. Careful planning goes into selecting your long term …

How To Prep For An Overnight Backpack Trip

  By David Link Overnight backpacking trips can be one of the most rewarding outdoor experiences because you truly get away from it all when you’re in the backcountry. Everything you need to make it through the night is strapped to your back, and if you forget something vital, you …

How to Select a GPS

  By Luke Brandenburg Before you head into any territory that you aren’t completely familiar with, you should always prepare for the worst case scenario. When the conditions suddenly change, navigation can become very difficult without a handheld GPS device. Washed-out and poorly-marked trails may lead you off the path …

How To Select A Compass

  By Luke Brandenburg For hikers, hunters and general outdoorsman, getting lost in the field can be an extremely dangerous and frightening situation. To make matters worse, the chances of getting lost are much higher than most people would expect. Outdoorsman that spend a lot of time out in large …

Basic Wilderness Survival Tips

  By David Link We just recently covered how to build a bug out bag in two parts, and stocking up a bug out bag for emergencies can get you thinking about wilderness survival. While your bug out bag won’t always be needed for wilderness survival, it should have all …

Tips To Stay Comfortable In The Outdoors

  By David Link Swarming bugs, itchy bites, pesky rashes, and sore sunburns…ah the great outdoors! The places so many love aren’t always as inviting as they could be, but no matter, we still go there anyway without hesitation. From the growth of the camping culture in the early 1900s …

How To Select Hiking Boots

  By David Link Much of Mother Nature’s beauty lies off of paved roads and trails, but you can’t see all that she has to offer without a good pair of hiking shoes or boots. If you want to experience the hidden treasures of the outdoors, then you’ll need to …

Basic Hiking Checklist

  By David Link Each year countless hikers set out on day hikes that they are in no way prepared to take. For example, it is absolutely fool hardy to set out on a 6 mile hike into the mountains without any water, but hikers still make the mistake every …