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  By Jason Reid While broadhead choices boil down to one’s personal preference and brand loyalty, we hunt in an age of specialized gear. Broadheads are now specifically designed to handle different species of game. However, do we as hunters always match a broadhead to the game they are chasing? Properly matching the broadhead to […]

  By Tony Martins If you’re a hunter, chances are good that you know something about kinetic energy. It’s generally understood that the greater the kinetic energy, the greater the killing power of the bullet or arrow. Momentum is another important factor in the lethality equation, particularly if you’re a bowhunter. Unfortunately, momentum (a.k.a. “persistence […]

  By Pete Rogers As the popularity of turkey hunting continues to grow, there is a certain segment of hunters that believe for some strange reason, they should up the ante in the turkey’s favor. These hunters have opted to forgo shotguns in favor of archery tackle. For as long as men have pursued turkeys, […]

  By Robin Follette Being new to bow hunting, there are a lot of things I need to learn. My biggest lesson to date is the difference in the behavior of bucks between our bow and rifle seasons. Seeing bucks outside of our rifle season is great, of course. Studying the details of their behavior […]

  By Rob Boyle Welcome back to all things bowhunting and archery related! So far in our column, we have discussed what to look for before you purchase your first bow, what type of arrows you’ll need, and what kind of arrow rest will work best for your type of hunting or archery. But wait…we’re […]

  By Rob Boyle The last two articles (How To Select A Compound Bow – Basics and How To Select A Compound Bow – Advanced Terms) focused on the most important part of your archery gear: your compound bow. The second most important piece of gear you’ll own is your arrows. What is peanut butter […]

  By Rob Boyle Continued from How To Select A Compound Bow – Basics. Welcome back to our second segment on how to select a compound bow! Last time we discussed a bit about the different types of bow manufacturers out there, and we talked about a few of the terms used in archery to […]

  Crossbow hunting and target shooting, like bow hunting, is an exciting and growing sport in America, and more and more crossbow enthusiasts are showing up in states all over the country. Crossbow shooting has its own unique appeals, and among them is the ability to use a crossbow like a rifle while still being […]

  By Rob Boyle So you want to start shooting a compound bow? First off, congratulations on making the decision to join the ever-expanding sport of archery and bowhunting. Shooting a bow is a lifetime endeavor of fun, patience, excitement and practice. Five years ago I woke up one day and decided I wanted to […]

  By Tony Martins Crosman announced a new addition to their Benjamin hunting line at the Archery Trade Association show early in January. The “Pioneer Airbow” immediately generated an unprecedented level of interest within the hunting industry, particularly among archery and airgun enthusiasts. A video showing professional hunter Jim Shockey downing a 2000-pound bison with […]