By Nancy Jo Adams Turkey hunting combines several circumstances that can make choosing the “perfect boot” hard to do, especially if you plan to hunt various terrain. The features that are important in turkey hunting boot are that the boots need to be comfortable in both warm and frigid weather, waterproof, and one that […]

  By Jason Reid While broadhead choices boil down to one’s personal preference and brand loyalty, we hunt in an age of specialized gear. Broadheads are now specifically designed to handle different species of game. However, do we as hunters always match a broadhead to the game they are chasing? Properly matching the broadhead to […]

  By Tony Martins If you’re a hunter, chances are good that you know something about kinetic energy. It’s generally understood that the greater the kinetic energy, the greater the killing power of the bullet or arrow. Momentum is another important factor in the lethality equation, particularly if you’re a bowhunter. Unfortunately, momentum (a.k.a. “persistence […]

  By David Link Danner’s classic styled hiking boots look great on the trail or on the street. They’re the perfect remedy for a market full of boots that look more like athletic shoes and less like mountain boots. Danner has been crafting quality work boots since 1932, and their strict quality standards have earned […]

OnXmaps Review

  By Pete Rogers I had finally drawn a tag in a coveted area of Idaho for Mule Deer. It was one of the highlight of my hunting career, or so I thought. As dawn broke, I found myself sitting on a boulder overlooking a long valley where I dreamed of giant bucks wandering through […]

  By Nancy Jo Adams During the Fourth of July, a celebration of our great nation in the midst of the dog days of summer, backyard barbecues, fireworks, family, and friends are on the agenda. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the amount of red meat and pork purchased in the week leading up […]

  By Mayrena Hernandez Something that has recently become an issue for me is coordinating my running plans. When is it okay to run by yourself versus running with others? I was fortunate enough that when I started my running journey years ago, I had a running club to depend on with consistent times and […]

  NOMAD partners with the National Wild Turkey Federation resulting in some great hunting apparel. By Nancy Jo Adams Nomad Outdoors partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation to bring turkey hunters the NWTF hunting apparel collection. Combining top quality apparel with a top shelf organization benefits all turkey hunters with a portion of the […]

  By David Link Kestrel is a leading designer of portable weather meters and data loggers, and their devices can be applied to a staggering number of scenarios and uses. From agriculture and fire prevention to ballistics and hiking / camping, Kestrel meters can do a lot for professionals and hobbyists of all kinds. The […]

  By Pete Rogers For over twenty years during the early season of our deer season, I would hunt for deer coated in Deet. Scent control was out of the question. In order to stay in the woods during the dog days of August and September when our archery season opens, you have to deal […]